For the Love of the Run

We have yet another GORGEOUS.. sunny day with low humidty here  in CT… I am actually blogging while sitting at the POOL right now.

Mmmhmmm! That is right. The wireless signal from our apartment stretches ALL they way down to the pool.. full strength too.  This could be bad.  Right now.. both Justin and I are sitting here with our computers.

I feel like people think we are kind of odd.  MAYBE they think we are students.. working towards our PHDs.. HAHAH!  I think they fact that I keep snapping photos probably makes them think otherwise.

I awoke this morning feeling FAR from stellar.. and even debated whether or not I was really feeling a run this morning. Justin left for his run .. before me.. which is rare.  but finally, I got my shit together and set out to do maybe 5 miles at around 8am.. this too is late for me.

But after about 3 miles.. I was like wow.. I am feeling GREAT now. I was more awake… had a little hop in my step.. wasn’t tired AT ALL.. so .. I decided I would see where the rest of the run led me.

Mile 5 – gone.

Mile 6 – gone

Mile 7 – Gone.

Mile 8 – Gone.

I ran 9 freakin’ miles this morning. NINE! Second weekend in a row that I’ve set a PDR.  I felt fabulous the entire time!

Um. I also FINALLy loaded the garmin software.. and played around with it a tiny bit.. but certainly do not know the full potential yet.

I maintained an 8:29 average pace for the whole distance.. but did some intervals during mile 4 and mile 7 – which definitly kept my overall pace under 8:30.  We’ve got a lot of telephone poles on this route.. so I would pick up the pace til I got to a pole.. then slow it down until I got to the next one… and carried that on for 1/2 – 3/4 of a mile.  It is kind of cool to look at how my speed changed throughout the run too:

Not sure what this means about my run.. but its pretty!

So – today – I definitely found that I have a true love for runnig. Getting out.. and letting my legs just do their thing…can truly turn my day around.  I was tired.. I was moody.. I just wasn’t me. But I got out there .. for the love of the run.. and came back knowing just how much I love running!

Once again.. after the run, I had a stomach of BRICKS.. but wanted to get our errands run immediately. So.. without eating (and maybe without showering.. TMI).. we hopped in the car and headed to Home Depot.

We spoke to a specialist in the window department and have a better idea of what we need to do.

Then.. we headed to Home Goods to by some new towels..

And made our final stop at the place everybody loves to go.. TRADER JOES!

Picked up a few goodies (maybe.. just maybe.. for the BAKE SALE on MONDAY).. and Justin picked up his lunch after I told him I had to eat breakfast when we got home…

Which is exactly what I did:

Before my run, I cooked 1/2 c. oat bran with 2 and 1/4 cups water, 1/2 a sliced banana, spash of vanilla, and some Sunwarrior.  I let it cool in the fridge, topping it with frozen blueberries.. and added a bit of PB when I returned home.


Then – I did something TRUELY amazing.  I am sure you guys have been reading about Katie’s AMAZING BLONDIES.. using the ever so interesting ingredients of CHICKPEAS… and I have been dying to give these a whirl.  Well.. look what I just so happened to pick up today…

It was GO time.  I made a few changes – and added some dried cherries rather then chocolate chips.. and honestly.. I am lucky that the batter even made it into the oven.  It was INSANELY good.  I made them into circles.. rather than your average square blondie… but I don’t discriminate against shape.

I want to include a batch of these in my bake sale as well.. but want to get an okay from the girl who made these famous.. first 🙂

Justin and I are having a little date night tonight.. and I am super excited for how we will be ending the evening!!

Seeing Hangover 2 …

And experiencing PINKBERRY for the first time.

Um, clearly, I am way more excited for the latter part!!

What are your plans for the rest of the evening?  I’d love the know all the FUN you will be up to.  Have you had pinkberry?  What should I get ?!?!?!


32 responses to “For the Love of the Run

  1. go you! i have just recently gotten into running and it is really paying off! after running outside for a month my pace has improved A LOT!

    totally jealous of your pool right now!

  2. So jealous you have a pinkberry by you! Nice job on the 9 miles. I love when runs turn out like that. Happens few and far between for me though 🙂

  3. I’m so very jealous of your 9mi run!! My schedule says 2 miles today. whomp whomp.

    I don’t have any exciting plans for tonight. Probably just sitting on the couch watching TV & playing on the computer.

    I’ve heard of pinkberry, but never had it.

    • You are recovering from an injury and I think ou are doing great.. it is SO much more difficult to follow a recovery plan.. when all you want to do is get back out there and run!

  4. LOL I love how your reflection shows through the computer screen.

    And Caitlin, I think your email was the sweetest and most-caring email EVER! I mean, that you’d actually ask permission to do something so incredible… of COURSE I would be so so happy if you use the blondie recipe for your bake sale!! So happy and honored and so thankful that there are sweethearts like you in the world for doing such a wonderful and selfless thing.

    Chocolate hugs!!!

  5. How can you see your computer screen in the sun?! I could work by the pool if I could see the screen!

    I do the same thing on runs a lot f times – the first couple of mile are torture and then something clicks and I’m ready to got for many more!

    If they have it in season, try out the watermelon flavor. I also love the coconut. Have a fun night! 🙂

    • Ahh, they had watermelon and I so wanted to try it, but I opted for original.. because I was feelin’ it more. I am definitely going to be a frequent shopper though.. so watermelon is next on my list!

  6. I love how exercise can give you a natural high!! I always feel great afterwards too, however I’ve never done a 9 mile run. Good for you!! And yum, yum for those blondies ~ I can’t believe they’re made with chickpeas.

  7. Don’t you love when you think you’re not going to get a good run in, but you do something amazing and not expected?? Way to go Cait! I’ve been trying to get into running this year and my max milage is 5 miles. I hoping to get better throughout the summer. You’ll be my inspiration! Have you ever ran races before? I have my first 5k tomorrow!

    • Um yes! It is one of the best feelings in the world!

      Just keep running. and you will totally inrease.. if you want. I think 5 miles is awesome! Seriously.. this time last year.. I probably could not have run 4 miles. It just takes time! and training!!

      I have only run 1 race.. a 10k… but LOVED it and want to do more!
      Hope you rocked your race today!!!

  8. i’ve never had pinkberry but i’ll be interested to see what you think. i hear it’s pretty good … well, according to sex and the city! 🙂

  9. Wow I though I ran far this morning with my 7.4 miler. You go girl!

    Your pool looks so nice! We live in a 3 family and hardly have a backyard. I am envious…

  10. ahh congrats on the run that’s so awesome! I LOVE workout days where I start to feel better as I get going. I’ve never had pinkberry before. We just got a froyo place near us!

  11. Congrats on your run! Awesome job.

  12. Hopenu guys had a good date night! Mike and I supposed to see hangover tomorrow!!!! Yay for pink berry!! Love ya!!

  13. Ahhh, I was craving Pinkberry SO badly yesterday – but we don’t have it in Canada 😦 I hope you loved it! Your run sounds pretty stellar! I had one yesterday, but it was only 5.5! I love the days when you can go for way longer than you thought…good job!!!

  14. what a great way to spend date night! I haven’t seen the hangover movies but they sound like soo much fun!

    I can’t believe you went without eating after a 9 mile run! First congrats on the PDR and second, I think I might have chewed my arm off! hehe

    Hope you had a wonderful rest of your day! 🙂

  15. YAY for 9 miles and blogging by the pool!! 🙂

  16. Wow you had a really productive day! I love that you brought your laptops out to the pool! What a great idea! 😀

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