Double Dipping

Um – I actually hate double dippers. Well.. party scene double dippers. (I won’t lie, I double, triple, quadruple dip in my own containers.. but that doesn’t count).

But seriously — at a party – please refrain from taking a nice big glop of dip onto your veggie, cracker, chip.. taking a bite (or even worse, LICKING IT OFF) … and then going back for seconds. Kthanks.

But that is not the type of double dipping I am talking about today. Nahh.

We are going to blog double dip – with a Supermarket Sunday .. and a Weekly Workout Wrap up.. ALL ROLLED INTO ONE.

And.. seriously… other then those two things, I’ve got nothing for ya. I have done nothing all day.. because like I mentioned earlier today, I FEEL LIKE POOP (still)! I’ve pretty much been laying around feeling miserable, wishing, hoping, praying for my energy and vibrance to return to me 😉

For the second week in a row, Justin and I remained under $100 for our main grocery trip!!  That usually does not happen – but it is always feels kind of nice when it does.

As far as budgeting for groceries – we have kind of a lax budget – we aim to spend around $115 a week – but it is not the end of the world if we spend $130 .. or more!  We saved $20 on our bill today – LOVE ME SOME SAVINGS!

Here are the goods:

Baby carrots (x2); sugar snap peas, red pepper (x2); yellow pepper; onion;zucchini; cilantro; thyme  *Justin pronounced thyme with the th sound.. just like Allen pronounced Thailand.. with the th sound in Hangover 2….

Gala apples; HUMUNGOUS grapefruits; bananas

Vanilla unsweetened Almond Breeze; Steamfresh frozen veggie; family size bag of mixed frozen berries (um.. originally $10.. we got it for $4…); eggs; strawberry Orbit; deli meat (turkey)

Mozzarella shredded cheese, chocolate pudding, yogurt, honey wheat pretzel twists, chick peas, pirates booty, parmesan gold fish, tomato sauce

The Justin Only Foods: Fritos; Cheddar Goldfish; Stovetop; Gravy; Poptarts; Ballpark Beef Franks; Sausage; Hamburger Rolls

Not pictured: Toothpaste, dark chocolate chips, hard candies

We bought a lot of snacky-stuff this week!

Weekly-Work Out Wrap Up

  • Monday: 1 mile incline walk on treadmill; 60 min step class; abs
  • Tuesday: 4 mile run
  • Wednesday: 1.25 mile run; Body Works class
  • Thursday: 5 mile run
  • Friday: 3 mile walk
  • Saturday: 9 mile run
  • Sunday: REST! 100%!

How I am Feeling:

Well – as I mentioned both yesterday and this morning, I am feeling pretty lousy TODAY! But – the rest of the week, I was feeling great! The rain has stopped and I can get outside when I want to get outside.. and run, run, run.  After my failed fueling post-run yesterday, I’ve been left to feel pretty beat down, but I know that is something that can be fixed easily.

So – now that the weather has finally brightened up, I am totally having a hard time cross training.. strength training.. and doing cardio OTHER then running. (Elliptical, stair master).  I have the same debate in my head.. every afternoon on my drive home from work.. Gym.. or run. Run wins.. when it is nice out.  I really don’t want running to be my only form of cardio.

What I’d Like to See Next Week:

Yes, I know I didn’t refelct on last weeks goals.. because there WAS NO LAST WEEK!  I am kind of back tracking to goals that I set earlier in this series, because it seems as if I have lost sight of them.. and am on  a run only function!  My main goal is to mix my workouts up again!

  • Strength Train 3x
  • Interval Training Run to help build speed
  • One day of Cardio other then running
To help with this – I made a plan for my workouts for the week.  I am giving this a try – but not sure how much I will stick to it.. or if it will be something I will do again.  I totoally love the individual plans for weight training that I bring with my to the gym daily – but am not sure how I feel about this. Time will tell!

I am SO excited for two things.. ONE  – The PREMIER OF THE NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR~ 🙂 🙂


For now, I am off to do some more of nothing. Justin is even cooking dinner tonight! What a guy!

So – Foodwise – how do you budget for groceries – how tight to do stick to that budget?

Do you have a weekly training plan? Do you stick to it?  Find it hard to go to the gym to do certain things – when all you want to do is be outside? Maybe I should buy some more weights so I can strength train outdoors too!


16 responses to “Double Dipping

  1. I’M EXCITED FOR NEXT FOOD NETWORK STAR TOO! omgosh I can’t wait!!! I love this show. okay sorry that was probably too much excitement.
    I usually don’t have a budget for food. I probably should and if I did I would probably go over it all the time.
    I try to have a weekly workout schedule and when I do I can stick to it if everything works out as planned. unless of course my body is telling me to back off for a day

  2. i probably should have a budget for food but i’m so cheap in all other aspects of my life that i don’t feel the need to penny pinch when it comes to food. i shop mostly at farmer’s markets and i don’t eat very much meat so i don’t spend too much anyway. still, i splurge on protein bars, protein powders, good greek yogurt, etc. a girl’s gotta live! 🙂
    as far as a workout schedule, i usually do strength most days – focusing on different body parts each day. one day a week will usually be just cardio & one day is totally off (mandatory – i feel so much better the rest of the week when i take one day off!)

  3. I am totally a double dipper if it’s my own food, but I get really freaked out when I see someone else do it!

    I don’t really follow plans for working out, but when I start training for my next race I’m hoping to stick to a schedule 🙂

  4. Aw man–sticking to a budget is hard! I try to stick to 25-30 bucks per week (it’s just myself that I’m buying for) but it is tricky–especially when you need to pick up random toiletries at the grocery store.

  5. Hate those double dippers too! Gross.
    I’ll be honest, we have absolutely no budget when it comes to food! I’ve added up what we spend on average in a given month and it consistently comes out to between $450-500 so I guess we’re in the $100+ a week. It’s really the one thing I’m fine with spending however much on. I’d rather get what I want grocery wise and have to cut back elsewhere.

  6. I am brutal at sticking to a grocery budget!! I have one, but I always go over. I love food and I always feel like I NEED the groceries 🙂 It’s my weakness!

  7. I just found your blog today and I fell in love!!! I literally could not stop reading every single post. I have just become a healthy blog junkie, browsing so many blogs (when i should be studying for finals) and i just stumbled across yours and man oh man its love. I’m majoring in psych right now and my plan is to be an elementary school teacher. Thanks for such a fun blog that distracts me from studying 🙂 I also have a question, have you always known you wanted to be a teacher? I’m only a freshman at my university, and it’s something I am really considering. But of course my mom feels it’s the wrong path because of the difficulty finding a job and the pay. It would just be great if you did a post on your teaching career and how that came about. thanks so so so much

    • Hi Karen! Thanks for finding my blog. It put a big grin on my face to know that you were loving it soo much! Distractions are awesome!

      I will totally do a post on that.. it would actually be a great recap of my first year of teaching! I was REALLT fortunate.. had one interview.. and got that job. The short answer to your question.. is yes and no.. I wanted to be a teacher when I was really little.. but then had totally different ideas in mind… until I was a senior in college. I will totally write a post explaning more! 🙂

  8. We have a “sorta kinda, if possible” budget. I try to stay under $100/wk, but sometimes it’s impossible. I’m horrible at sticking with a budget. Every week I kick myself for not being more of a stickler, but I enjoy life- I’ll live life, and worry about money later. 🙂

    I used to have a weekly training plan- before my knee got all cranky. I’m trying to get back into a weekly plan. No plans for this week. Maybe I’ll do that Monday morning. I enjoy a plan- something to go by, even if I don’t stick with it. I have a hard time Xtraining bc I don’t have access to a gym. Videos in my living room get boring.

    • Videos can be awesome, too! I feel like our living room doesn’t work well with them. I have to move a bunch of furniture to make enough space.. and .. ahh idk.. just dont like it.

      The thing that gets me most when shopping.. is laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels.. those stupid things cost SO much.

  9. I liked this ‘double dip’ post! hehe 🙂

    Way to go with the groceries!! My family spends a lot more than that BUT we have 5 people living in our house (CRAZYNESS)

    I hope you have a good week!

  10. I hope today you are feeling better and I wish you all the success with the bake sale! No matter what, it is a success, you just doing that is amazing and shows how great of a person you are!!!

    Mike and I stick to a budget of 180 a week! We never go over 200! I am pretty good at staying with that ; )

    Pirates Booty rocks!

    love you!

    • Aww, thank you for your kind words!! I love Pirates Booty.. its soo good.. I have to work reallly hard using self control – so I don’t demolish an entire bag! 🙂

      Hope you are enjoying your day in PA xoxo

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