Lesson Learned…

Good morning!!  I am feeling kind of BLAH this morning.. and have been feeling this way since yesterday.

I know exactly why too.  And I have learned a MAJOR lesson.  As you know – after long runs, I tend to have a stomach that does not really want good.  So – yesterday I had a banana and PB before my run .. and then could not stomach my oats once I got home.

Well, stomach.. you aren’t really going to be able to make decisions like that anymore.. because not eating my breakfast when I got home REALLY messed up my day – my energy levels.. etc.

Running long distances takes a lot of energy – a lot of fuel.  So it only makes logical sense, that one should refuel once the run is completed.. within a short amount of time after the run is complete.. even if your tummy tells you NO.

Since I listened to my stomach.. I didn’t eat breakfast until 11:30am.. meaning I didn’t eat lunch until 3:30 pm.. meaning my meals were just WAY off!  I felt okay.. until we were on the way to see Hangover 2 last night ( more on that shortly).. and I seriously just wanted sleep. I had eaten my “lunch” and a few snacks .. and knew I needed more.. but I was just feeling so awful.  I am fairly certain that this is a result of improper post run fueling.

When we returned home last night at about 10:00 – I had a headache, my body felt exhausted… and it just was NOT cool.  I slept straight through the night.. and am still not feeling quite normal.

Rest day today?! YOU KNOW IT!

So – since I am building up my miles – I have learned a valuable lesson about fueling and refueling.. and I can guarantee you I will NEVER make that mistake again…


Rewinding to yesterday.. funny, but scary story. On the way up from the pool, Justin and I saw some fire engines, police cars.. crowds of people.. huddling around the building across from ours.  We walked over the take a look and saw..

Mm. Yeah. That car.. was into the building. Jumped the curb, through the bushes.. BAM… into the building.

Fortunately, the woman who was driving only broke her nose and she is going to be okay.  We are assuming she his the gas instead of the break.. had the car in drive instead of reverse.. who knows?

I am quite used to having cars hit buildings.  In the town where I grew up, there is a large elderly community and having cars go into Dunkin Donuts, Food Stands, Conviennce Stores, Banks.. was not irregularity. It is super scary through, when you think about it.  There have been instances where a person ended up being hit… and their lives changed forever.

Now – I have no quarrels with the elderly driving – as long as they are still with it – but I do kind of agree with implementing some sort of testing for drivers over a certain age.  The driving abilities of a person in their 30s or 40s.. probably differs GREATLY than those of someone in their 80s or 90s..

After watching the fire department pull the car out of the bushes.. I had my late lunch:

Turkey Sandwich, Cucumber Slices, & Cottage cheese with apples and peanut butter..

And Justin and I eventually left for the movies..


The movie was definitely funny.. had the same storyline as the original Hangover. but to my surprise, I stayed up through the entire thing and was laughing the whole way through.  It didn’t seem too long.. or dragged out.  Which I loved. I often find myself waiting for movies to end..

Onto the BEST part of the night. Mmhmm.. Thats right, my FIRST ever trip to PINKBERRY!

I think I am in love.  I decided to go with original fro yo – (I plan on being a frequent customer.. so I will be sure to try out everything else!)  Laura suggested giving watermelon a whirl.. and I love watermelon..so next time I am totally on that.  For tonight,I was in the mood for a classic combo.

My toppings were blueberries, strawberries, and dark chocolate crispy things! Justin had original.. just with chocolate chips. LOTS of chocolate chips!

It was packed… even though the temps were a little low.  The store itself was smaller then I expected.. having only 4 small tables, but Justin and I were able to grab one and enjoy.

Pinkberry, I am SO glad I have met you. We are going to get along VERY well this summer (especially since you are on my way home from work..)

Today, I’ve had my oat bran – – with strawberries and PB …

And Justin and I are off to the store in a little bit.  And for the rest of the day.. well, I am doing NOTHING. Probably some blog prep.. some sleeping.. trying to get back to being myself again.

Sorry bootcamp – you just aren’t happening today!


24 responses to “Lesson Learned…

  1. On spring break my junior year, we drove to Panama City, FL. The trip was probably the funniest story of my life with everything that happened but one of the best was when we got to the “motel” (<—incredibly sketch place) we were staying at there was a Camaro through the "lobby" (I have lobby in qoutes because it was a converted room of the motel). The driver, a girl, had tried to run her boyfriend over b/c they had gotten in a fight and she DROVE THROUGH THE LOBBY!

    Enjoy your rest day 🙂

  2. That happens to me too where I don’t feel hungry after a hard workout session but I know the best thing to do is eat so regardless I force myself to eat so I don’t end up like either 1) the hangry cookie monster or 2) messing up my eating schedule. I hate being hungry at like 4pm! It’s such an awkward time.
    and I’m so jealous of the pinkberry! It looks delicious

  3. i definitely agree w/ you about fueling post-workout. it’s the most important time to feed your muscle stores and ensure enough glycogen storage for your next exercise session. plus, it’s vital for muscle repair & growth!
    as for the elderly driving – i saw a senior center that had a mock-car set up w/ computer stimulated driving (like they had in high school driver’s ed). the seniors were able to complete the exercises privately to get an (embarrassment free) assessment of their reaction times. such a good idea!
    hope you have a great day!

  4. That is a lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way too. I think for me, proper fueling on the weekends is the hardest. My weekdays are so structured, so my weekends are my time to do whatever…but I still need to rmb that fueling properly is important, especially when you’re working out a ton…great post!

    And I have yet to try Pinkberry…you may just have convinced me though 🙂

    • SO RIGHT ABOUT STRUCTURE! I never even realized how much of difference this could make.. until you said something. My week days are super structured .. so I am eating regularly throughout the entire day. Weekends. so different .. hopefully, recognzing that this is an issue can help! 🙂

  5. Yeah sometimes you need to NOT listen to your stomach. I went for my run today and I already knew starting it that I was low on energy – not a good sign! So I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted to and now I need to fill up on some protein so that never happens again. Happy rest day.

    PS – really enjoying your blog and how nicely it’s coming along!!!

    • I hate it when runs start like that.. but its good that you recognized it! It bet you would have felt awful if you kept going and going.. without the necessary energy!

      Aww, and thanks SO much for the compliment on my blog Char! I am really into it now and am trying to decide whether I should purchase a domain or not!

  6. When I first started running, I was trying to lose weight and would eat WAY too little . I remember the first time I ran 10 miles I gave myself permission to eat 1,200 calories that whole day- yeah, I was miserably hungry and had no energy! Now that I know I need to eat WAY more than that, especially on long runs, I find it much easier to recover from hard workouts and I never have that miserable, no energy feeling.

    On a side note- there are a ton of Pinkberry places near me and I’ve never been! I am all about Yogurtland 🙂

    • Yeah. I definitely was not thinking clearly. I am not trying to lose weight or nething.. my stomach just wasn’t feeling like food. I won’t let that happen again though!

      I’ve never heard of yogurtland.. there are not any in my area!

  7. It’s scary to me that cars driving into buildings is not an uncommon occurrence for you LOL 🙂 I guess you’re ok as long as you’re not the one in the driver’s seat!! Enjoy your easy, breezy day ~ they’re the absolute best!!

  8. Original is definitely my favorite flavor. It goes so well with all of the toppings and is perfectly tart. Lychee is really great too though!

  9. YES fueling is soooooooooo important! I made that mistake yesterday too!!! Lessons learned!

    YAY pinkberry! omg you and justin are the cutest pinkberry lovers ever!!!! So sweet! I heard they had a new flavor, salted caramel?! Im dying to try that!! Your combo looks god that you got!

    Yikes , scary story! Glad that lady is ok!

    love ya! xoxo

  10. Mmm the pinkberry looks amazing!! You guys are too cute! Hope you have a relaxing day!!

  11. Yessss for pinkberry! Our closest one is about a 20 min drive from our house, but totally worth it. And I’m glad to know Hangover 2 wasn’t bad. I loved the first one and am looking forward to more of those nutty guys!

    • Ours is about 20 minutes away too… but is conveniently on my way home from work as well. SCORE! Totally stopping on my way home from summer school.. will try to limit it to once a week!

  12. I have made that mistake before too. I am never hungry after runs so I used to use that to my “advantage” by not eating anything after as a way to lose a bit more weight…. brilliant i know!
    Now I am so much better about it, and know how I will feel if I do not refuel properly, Lack of energy like you
    So jealous of Pinkberry! I don’t have one near me 😦 I love that you are planning to be a frequent customer 🙂

  13. Aww, I’m so sorry that you aren’t feeling so great. I have made mistakes like that before and you end up learning from em!

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