Sick Day

Well, turns out.. I wasn’t drained of energy ONLY because of my long run Saturday – with improper post run fueling.

Turns out – I was/am actually sick!

Last night was a doozy. I napped for two hours (btw.. I never nap)…and legitimately had ZERO energy.. all  day long.

This little guy right here.. proved to me that I did indeed have a fever.

This fever was accompanied by lovely body aches. And a strange shot of pain that kept radiating through the right side of my head only.

Even with the 2 hour nap.. I was passed out at about 9:30 (yes… I was so tired I didn’t even watch ALL of Next Food Network Star.. thank goodness for DVR)…

I had some slight panic attacks for a number of reasons:

Scarlet Fever has made its way around my classroom.  I worried I was getting strep.


I had no sub plans prepared since there are only 10 days of school left. I kind of planned on being there every day.

If I woke up with a fever and/or a sore throat/shooting pains in head/body aches.. I would not be making it in to school.

Still had no sub plans.


THANKFULLY… I received a text from my collegue as I lay in bed with this myriad of anxieties filing through my heavy head… she had an extra set of sub plans and she would send them to my room if I could not make it in.

Ahh. Sigh of relief. I went to bed.. hoping for the best.

I woke up at 4:45 ( before my alarm). Sweating. With the air conditioner on. Hmm. The room was definitely chilly. The thermometor told me I still had a fever. So I called my principal, texted my collegue.. and dozed back off.. sleeping all the way until 8:00.

So – what does one do on a sick day.. when it is a chore to get out of bed?!

Well.. the don’t take a whole lot of pictures.. thats for sure. It really wasn’t the first thing on my mind.

But – I can show you some of what I did:

Blogging, updating, scanning in old photos./Reading Blogs & Catching up on Blogger Weekends..

Whats that?! You want to catch up on my weekend?!  No problem.. this weekend:

Eating the lunch I had prepared for school throughout the day…


And well.. that about sums it up.

I am feeling better for the most part (besides the pain in my head.. which is quite a nuisance.. and painful.. and is not alleviated through tylenol or ibuprofen..).  My aches are gone. my temperature is almost back to normal..

Now, I am off to rest some more.. because I am fo sho going back to work tomorrow!

What do you do when you are sick.. and at home.. alone?

The Boobie Bake Sale is in FULL swing.  So click.. and GO!

I am trying this whole STICKY post thing.. so it should be the first thing you see when you come to my page.

Check out the high bidders for each item by clicking here.. or clicking the tab labeled “High Bids” in the upper right and corner!

There are some PHENOMENAL items up for grabs.. so swing by, check it out.. and then email me your bids!!


16 responses to “Sick Day

  1. I’m so sorry about your fever!!!! I hope you feel better soon my darling! 🙂

    Are you a teacher?

  2. oh no! i hope you feel better soon. get lots of rest and get plenty of fluids!!!

  3. Yup.. I teach second grade.

  4. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. I’m glad the sub plans came through!

    Drink water, juice, and eat lots of soup! (: [oh and definitely some bananas!]

  5. Aww get better soon girl!! When I’m sick I turn to good old fashion movies and hot chicken noodle soup. I sleep half the time just because I feel horrible =/

  6. Oh no you poor thing! I hope you start to feel better ASAP. Last month I had almost the same exact thing happen to feel. Body aches, chills and fever, but thankfully it didn’t last more than 2 days and I was back on my feet!

  7. Aww Cait! I am so sorry you had a sick day.. feel better soon *hugs*

  8. Aw, so sorry to hear that you are sick! I hope you feel better soon!

    Love the PC + Mac setup…I’ve got the same thing going on right now, too!

    • Thanks, girl.

      My Mac is my new computer, but I am always afraid of doing too much on it.. so sometimes I upload pictures onto my PC. I also use my PC to scan in pics because that is the computer with the printer software on it!

      • hahaha I’m that way too! My PC has all of my iTunes songs and photos on it, while my Mac is empty–resulting in both computers being turned on side by side while I work. It’s great if you want to watch things on hulu while you work–double screens! 😀

  9. Sick in June ~ what a bummer?! Hope you’re feeling better really soon!! I’m keeping my eye on your TJ package on the auction — we don’t have TJs in Canada and I want it!! LOL

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