Last WIAW of the School Year

Wahoo! This is my last What I Ate Wednesday of the school year.

Well, technically speaking. I mean.. I have a half day next Wednesday… but have days don’t count in my mind. Because in my school.. it is LEGIT 1/2 of a day. We normally get out at 3:45 .. and on half days, we get out at 11;45. Um.. thats 4 hours. THATS AWESOME.

When I was in school.. half days.. meant we got ot like an hour early.. or 9o minutes early. NEVER 4 HOURS!

Once again.. a big SHOUT OUT TO JENN for making What I Ate Wednesday possible.. and allowing all of us foodies to gawk at the marvelous creations made by all! 🙂  Go on over and see what everyone else is eating today!

*This is NOT everything I eat in a day*


Shocker! Overnight Oats. Seriously.. the day you come to a WIAW.. or any other day for that matter.. and find that I ate something other then oats for breakfast.. well.. that day will be quite special.  These chilled oats are just too good to not have every day! 🙂


Lunch.. was an experiment. See, we don’t have a grill yet. But I love grilled vegetables.. and we DO have a forman. Insert experment.

Let’s try to grill zucchini on the Forman.

Results: ehh. not too shabby.. but would NEVER be confused with REAL grilled veggies.

Sandwich: “Grilled” Zucchini, Turkey, Mozzerella Cheese, & Mustard on Ezekiel Bread. Raw Sugar Snap Peas (YUM).  Vanilla Yogurt with LOVE GROWN FOODS Raisin Almond Crunch Granola (Awesome Giveaway win)


This is going to be a new favorite. You take a tortilla, shredded mozzerella cheese, and a jam of some sort (I use Trader Joe’s Apple Cranberry Butter).  Fold said tortilla in half. Cheese on one side, jam on the other.

Fold clothes. Microwave for 20 seconds.



Lemon & Thyme Marinated Chicken with Steam Snap Peas, Zucchini, Red Pepper & Green Pepper.. on a bed of quinoa.

YUM! The lemon chicken MADE this dish. Marinated it in only lemon juice and thyme for a couple hours.. and YUM. This was all Justin’s doing btw 🙂

What was the best thing you ate today…. or what is the best thing I ate today 🙂 ?

For those of you who found your way to my site through Jenn’s LINK PARTAY.. first off, welcome!  Second, I am currently hosting an event on my blog to raise money to fight breast cancer.. and search for a cure!  I am walking 60 miles this summer in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for a cure.

I am having a BLOGGER BAKE SALE … to help my team raise $11,500. Please go CHECK IT OUT.. and consider bidding on one of the delicious treats. Your bid.. your donation.. will help save lives!!! So.. go on and get your bid on!

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48 responses to “Last WIAW of the School Year

  1. Good Morning,
    You food looks so YUMMY>>> I am interested in trying the cranberry apple butter… That really sounded good… ewww and the lemon chicken that sounds so much better than what I had… thanks for the awesome ideas.. Have a wonderful day at school…
    Take care….

    • Yes – my lemon chicken was actually yummy – although I have definitely had some nasty experiences with it.
      And SO try the Apple Cranberry butter if you have a TJs around you!

  2. Ah Hope the bake sale is going well!
    Your lunch seriously looks delicious! I had ezekiel bread for the first time yesterday and was in love with it!
    I hope you’re feeling better and congrats on the last day of school!!!!

    • ISN’T IT AMAZING?! I will NEVER go back to regular bread. It is much more filling too. The price is a little steep. If you have a TJs.. it is a dollar less there then at a regular food store (atleast around me.. $3.99 vs. $4.99)

  3. Wow the cranberry apple butter sounds SO yum! We don’t get anything like that over here in the UK! And I love grilled veggies too – they make them taste amazingg!
    And woohoo for the last day at school!! 🙂
    Best thing that I ate today was a pumpkin muffin I made, I love love love muffins 😛

    • I love muffins too! I was actually making tons of muffins a couple of months ago.. but I have kind of stopped. Not sure why. Pumpkin muffins sound delicious! We are having a pumpkin shortage here in the US — like we do every year. I’ll have to wait til fall and stock up!

  4. That apple butter and tortilla look amazing!! I’m SO hoping to get the TJ package from your bake sale — can you believe I’ve never been to a TJ’s — still! I’ve been wanting too, but there are none in Canada and the closest one to us is in Detroit which is 2 hrs away. One of these days I’m going to just hop in the car and go on a mini-road trip!! Good luck on the last day of your sale!

    • That stinks that there are no TJs in Canada. Hoping you win too. I will letyou know if there are any higher bids. Jenny’s gift baket also has some Trader Joe stuff too!

  5. Ah I can relate–my half days usually mean I leave at 2:30 instead of 5. Half day, my ass! I call 4:30pm the witching hour because that is usually the time that you get slammed with a project and end up having to stay late. Horrible!

  6. that apple butter looks wonder it’s almost gone! cheese and apple butter? I must try this haha

  7. I’d say that snack tortilla looks pretty darn good! I just bought TJ’s pumpkin apple butter. Psyched to try it out!

  8. I love grilled Zucchinies, so even if yours wasnt really grilled- I think they was your best food today 🙂 But all of it looks lovely!
    I have a hard time figur what my best meal today was- everything was SO good! But I might have to go for breakfast, Im still thinking about it 😛

  9. Oh my goodness! What healthy eats! Also, thanks for sharing the pumpkin apple butter info – going to look for that this weekend.

  10. Grilled zucchini is seriously awesome. I love it, too! Your jam and cheese quesadilla looks interesting – I wouldn’t have put those flavors together but they must taste good if it made your blog :D.

  11. Ohhhh… I totally forgot I can grill veggies on my George Foreman! Actually, I forgot I even have one… haha! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

    The best thing I ate for WIAW was my leftover lentils. I can’t believe they actually got better over night. Mmmm…

    Happy Hump Day!

  12. I tried to grill peppers on my foreman a few weeks ago… while they were good, totally NOT bbq like and took too long. I just toss them in the oven and roast now!

    the best thing I’ve eaten lately is my breakfast eggy fajita thing… with a smokey chipolte salsa I found. so good

    • Oooh I love chipotle salsa to mix things up! It is quite tasty.

      Oven roasted veggies are definitley good.. but there is something special about true BBQ’ed veggies!

  13. All your eats always look so good! Are you overnight oats raw and soaked in milk or do you cook a batch of oats the night before and chill them in the fridge overnight?

  14. yay for the almost last wednesday of your schoolyear! home stretch, baby! gonna have to say that quesadilla is my pick for the tastiest thing on your menu….melted cheese always steals my heart! have a great rest of your wednesday! 🙂

  15. I am so envious of teachers this time of year. What I wouldn’t give for the entire summer OFF!!! Enjoy it lovely!

    • Thanks girl! I am teaching summer school for 6 weeks. I don’t think I’d know what to do with myself with the entire summer.. of nothing. Probably eat myself into a food coma.. daily!

  16. Cranberry apple butter is so, so good! And paired with gooey yummy cheese, so jealous!

  17. Overnight oats are seriously the best especially in this hot weather. I’m not eating warm oats as often anymore. 🙂

  18. Dinner looks so good. I would kill to have some quinoa right now, but our oven/stove is having issues haha

  19. Wow I really want to try that snack!!! YUM 🙂

  20. Ohh I am loving your eats. Sweet spreads + melted cheese is always a good idea in my book 🙂

  21. Wow! I think I know what I’m having for dinner. I have some apple cranberry butter in the pantry just sitting there. Never thought to combine it with cheese but that looks amazing.

  22. Aw cranberry apple butter! Something else I wish I had picked up on my trip to Trader Joe’s! Your snack looks delicious! Although it’s making me hungry and i’ve already had dinner AND a lemon and chia seed muffin… come on willpower! 🙂

  23. Yay for summer almost being here for you 🙂

    I haven’t tried the cranberry apple butter from TJ’s, but it looks SO good! Especially with cheese. I’ve tried the pumpkin butter, mango butter, and honey apple butter- now I need to get the kind you have!

  24. oh wow. I still need to try those cold overnight oats. Do you cook them like regular oats then chill them or what?
    cheese and jam is indeed a great combo for sure!!
    Best thing I ate today was delicious kabocha squash!

    • I kind of cook them like regular oats.. a little different.. but they are cooked.. and then chilled. I am going to do a post about how I make my oats next week 🙂

  25. Hold the flipping phone! apple cranberry butter??!?!? and on a wrap with cheese? MELTED!?

    Oh gosh! I feel another 3 hour road trip to TJs coming on! YUM!

    Happy WIAW pretty lady!

  26. That cranberry apple butter is the BEST! I love combining fruit with cheese! I’m definitely going to be trying that tortilla a try ASAP!

    All your eats look delicious! Congrats on the last week of school! Totally jealous of all you teachers out there…wait, no I’m not, I’d probably kill those kids! Haha!

  27. Love the tortilla snack! By the way, I’ve been eating your chocolate-popcorn snack creation, and I love love love it! So good sprinkled with cinnamon

  28. How do you make your overnight oats? They look great. Check out my blog: Beautiful Busy Bee. It’s new and I don’t have many subscribers yet! Thanks.

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