Inclines ‘n Thunderstorms

I am so taken back – and overwhelmed by your comments and responses to this morning’s post on Negativity and Criticism.  It is pretty clear that a majority of bloggers are on the same page – we have a deep sense of community and truly care about our fellow bloggers.

Your comments blew me away.  I felt a connection with each and every one of you – and I really want to thank you for the well thought out and meaningful comments.. they meant a lot to me.

If you get a chance – I suggest you read some of the comments that were left 🙂

Today’s weather has been pretty wacky and a little bit scary at times.  This moring – it was hot, sticky and humid.  The heat index was close to (if not over) 100 in many parts of the state.  It was bright and sunny on my way to work.

I wore my glasses today – but obvi needed sunglasses.

No problem.. I just double up.

(From straight on.. you so can’t tell 🙂 ) Admit it.. you didn’t even know I was wearing glasses.. AND sunglasses in the first picture! So slick.

Fortunately for me, I was in the AC all day.  Since my kids had a half day, I was able to get more things checked off of my end of year to-do list..

But when I got home from the gym, the sky started to turn black.

It seriously looked like it was about 9pm outside.. yet it was only 6:00.  A normally bright a sunny sky for this time of year.

I switched on the news to see some crazy radar pictures..

Um. Black is never good.

And before long.. the thunder, lightning, and pouring rain had made its way to my area of the state.

Some areas of the state were hit REAL hard – down trees on houses, cars.. Boaters getting stuck out at sea ( and by sea, I mean the Long Island Sound); golf-ball size hail. I heard siren after siren speeding by one of the main drags near my condo.  We’ve got a few trees down around us as well.  I tried to sneak out to the balcony mid-storm to get a good pictures, but as soon as I opened the door.. the wind blew the rain all over me.. and I shut the door quicker than I had opened it.

It seriously like 30 degress cooler outside now.  So that is a welcome change. But I do hope that no one was injured in the storm – and that property was not too heavily damaged.

I was a bad blogger today. AKA… I left my camera at home.  So – not too many pictures. BUT – I did snap a shot of my lunch last night.. and I can of course bring you my dinner:

Today’s Eats


Ice-berg lettuce (my least fave, but it is all we had); quinoa, zucchini, green peppers, onions, apple slices & a crumbled salmon burger


Since the apple cranberry butter seemed super popular.. I brought it back tonight for ya (or I just love it that much)  Creating a delicious wrap and a size of veggies 🙂

Horrible Pictures.. I know.

La Tortilla Wrap with chicken, Apple Cranberry Butter; Mozzarella cheese, lettuce & onion.. I planned on heating it on my George Foreman. Georgie is SO good.. for EVERYTHING.  But – my wrap was the small size – and I over-stuffed it.. so I kind of ate it more like a taco.. and it was just as delicious cold.

Although I have not had it yet, I already know I am going to have one of my popcorn, chocolate, and cinnamon creations for dessert!

Today’s Workout

I had an internal conversation battle my entire ride from work to the gym – as to what I was going to do.

  • Kickboxing class? Ehh not feeling it.
  • Circuit training? Ehh.. I’ve lifted 2 days in a row and my muscles are fatigued
  • Steady State Cardio on the Elliptical? Maybe.
  • Use a spinning bike and make up some sort of mix?  Maybe. Wait. I despise spinning. Nevermind.

Then, I remember how much I’ve been digging Julie’s Incline Intervals – and today she did an awesome one that incorporated running as well.  I settled on 15 minutes on the treadmill. And I broke it down into 3 15 minutes pieces – basically each is a repay of the one before – but using slightly different inclines.  Here is a look at what I did:


Loved this work out. I felt great after.. and surely felt the burn in buns and my hamstrings.  In the 45 minutes, I covered about 4.7 miles. Pretty sweet.

It was a great change-up. I normally don’t walk on the treadmill, but incorporating the incline felt awesome!

No lifting today – took the day off. I stretched for a good ten minutes though!!

And as for my bake sale.. well.. you all helped me to raise $265!!

I am very happy to have helped my team get a little bit closer to their goal.. absolutely fabulous! Thanks to those who donated their goodies.. and those who donated their moola! 🙂

And a special shout out to this guy:

Who could not stand to see any of the donated goods go to waste.

That is right.. the four leftover goodies… that had no home.. were rescued by Justin.. because they were just TOO delicious (and beautiful.. ) to go to waste.

So, we will be the new home to Kathleen’s Chocolate Covered Pretzel’s, Alexis’ Pumpkin Bread in a Jar, and the AMAZING Fishy Face Design necklace courtesy of Lisa.

Isn’t he super special?!


26 responses to “Inclines ‘n Thunderstorms

  1. Congrats on the bake sale! That’s awesome news. Also, I totally agree – that weather looks crazy! Stay dry.

  2. ahhhhh the weather is nuts there! stay safe and dry love!!!!!

  3. The weather all over the country is crazy right now. I think NY had the same storm you did because my friends and family were talking about bad thunder and hail and stuff. Insane!!

    I get so mad when I see a nasty comment on someone’s blog. If it’s one I read regularily, or it’s totally out of line, I will always say something to the person. I consider some people in the blog world “friends” and I won’t let others be mean to them!! 🙂

    • Yes.. I belive the storms came through NY and then it hit us. I think mother nature is angry!

      Good for you for sticking up for people that give nasty comments You rock 😉

  4. Craaazyyyy skies!!! I think it was bad here yesterday for us…luckily i was at work 35 mins away were it was still sunny. I don’t know how I planned that one, but it worked out well. Wow, your blog is doing SO well!! It’s awesome to see your success 😀

  5. hahaha I love the doubled up sunglasses! You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do!

  6. He is such a good guy my goodness! Definitely a keeper. I will have to check out this mornings post because I missed it!

  7. Wowza – the weather has been just crazy lately!! We had those thunderstorms on Tuesday morning and I have to admit I was a little nervous about it too!

  8. Pingback: mind your mango | char on a mission

  9. Sweet sunglasses/glasses combo! I can’t fit my glasses under my sunglasses so I just have to squint when I drive. (cuz that’s safe!)

    I saw the incline work out on Julie’s blog. I should try it out, but walking on the treadmill doesn’t seem like much fun. Heck, running on the treadmill isn’t fun.

    • Hahha. I have been known to do that in the past too. Sometimes, I feel like having sunglasses.. with no glasses underneath.. make vision clearer then no glasses/contacts at all (even though my sunglasses are not perscription)

      You know.. because I sometimes leave thehosue with no glasses.. or no contacts so I can drive through a blurry world.

  10. Good Morning Cait,
    I can’t believe all the crazy weather breaking out across the country… umm it’s a little spooky!
    take care,

  11. sheesh, it’s scary how each year it seems like the weather is getting so much worse! i hope things get better over there and that you stay safe!
    on a brighter note, i laughed about your little spinning reference because i too can’t stand the bike! it’s funny because i know so many people are in love with their spin classes, and i feel like i should hop onboard but i’ve never really gotten into it. i think it’s because my bum always goes numb. i’m much more of a treadmill fan and it sounds like julie’s workout is a hit! i read about it too and know how great incline/hill work is for getting that HR up fast and improving strength. 🙂
    and a huge CONGRATS on your bake sale return! way to you and you did it for such a wonderful cause!!

  12. I guess the weather went apeshit in NH too – a tree actually fell on my office at school. Here in Asheville, it wasn’t so bad – the night before we got hail, but it was so warm out that it was melting on impact.

    I loooooove that Cranberry Apple butter & you’re so right – it’s great with cheese!

  13. Just got to read your post from yesterday and wanted to say WELL DONE! I love the healthy living blog community because we all are so supportive of each other. It’s too bad that a few negative people try to ruin that. But the good news is, they can’t 🙂

  14. omg so scary! haha your lunch looks so good btw 😉

  15. Gah, those stormmsss!! I’m in AL and we’ve been hit by all those tornadoes and what not yeah, I feel your pain! Glad you’re ok though. 🙂

  16. Aww, you hate spinning?! Bummer! lol

    That storm pic is INSANE ! Great job on raising in the $200’s.. impressive! You have such a good heart girl 😀

  17. I completely didn’t know about the glasses. I have that problem all of the time but my sunglasses don’t quite fit. I guess I just need bigger ones. I normally end up with a huge headache at the end of the day.

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