Full of Surprises..

As I mentioned in my brief recap of Picnic in the Park – my school’s version of field day… I came home last night to spend some time with the family.  And they had many surprises awaiting when I arrived home.

First off – my brother decided he was going to smoke some chicken. He loves using his smoker – and has smoked brisket for almost 24 hours in the past – but decided to do a chicken last night for his lovely sister – since that is the only meat she eats 🙂

He sets up shop w/ a lawn chair!

He smoked to whole chickens – and check out the little toy he has to “inject” flavor into the meat!

I asked him if I could use it for at home bo-tox parties…

So – the lovely chickens were seasoned inside..and out.  On the outside, he rubbed salt, pepper, and brown sugar.

(Sorry to all you non-meat eaters out there!!)

The meat itself was wonderfully moist and absolutely delicious!  Some of Michael’s future smoker projects include SMOKED MOZZARELLA! and doing some sort of smoking with pork. where he is going to use the injector thing to inject apple juice.

After dinner was done – my whole family presented me with a lovely little gift to celebrate the compleition of my first year of teaching! (one week early)

A KINDLE! Gah! I am so excited. I have been wanting an e-reader for the longest time (I am actually the only one in my family that doesn’t have one.. so now I no longer feel left out!) This will be awesome for the summer .. for my trip to San Fran. For everything.

Now, I just have to decide what book I want to download! 🙂

More surprises.. but of course! It seems as if my father has taken a liking to Trader Joe’s and all of there yummy foods.  Check out what he got:

This stuff.. was delicious! It is made with edamame – not chick peas.. and it tastes a lot of guac. I am head over heels in love with this stuff! Last night, I enjoyed it on some pretzel thins.. but will totally be picking this up at my local TJs and using it on.. um.. EVERYTHING.

And then there were these!  (I swear that these were almost gone before I got home!)

These are dangerous. Even if it were full.. it would have probably looked like this by the end of the night!!

And take a looksie at this:

Thats right.. the cinnamon ezekiel bread that I have been wanting to try forever. My mom got to it before I did – so it seems.

Okay – it doesn’t just seem that way. It is that way. And I knew it too. She told me at the beginning of the week.

I wanted some with my breakfast – so I DIDN’T HAVE OVERNIGHT OATS/OATS OF ANY TYPE TODAY.

Say What?!

Yup – you heard it hear first. NO oats 🙂

Instead, I had this lovely spread!

A little french toast action – dipped 2 slices of the bread in a beaten egg/lil bit of milk.. accompanied by a banana and peanut butter! 🙂

Now that I am fueled up and ready to go – momma and I are off to the mall to get some make up, search for a new jacket to bring on vacation, and take care of my beastly eye-brows.

Then .. I get to go visit the ever-so-lovely dentist.  I don’t mind the dentist. I just don’t usually walk out smiling. I have soft teeth with deep grooves. So.. I usually walk out with another appointment card to have a cavity filled. 😦

So – heres to hoping that the dentist has another pleasant surprise for me.. and I leave his office without another appointment card!

Do you have an e-reader? If so, which one?  Do you feel as if you read more since you’ve started using it?!


17 responses to “Full of Surprises..

  1. Congratulations on 1 year (in 1 week) of teaching! And ahh those chickens look amazing!!! I think it may be about time I had me a little meat in my diet! 🙂 Haven’t got a kindle yet but would love one! Happy reading!

  2. Those chickens look amazing! I feel like roasted (or smoked in this case) whole chickens always look better than they taste though.
    I contemplated an e-reader a little while ago but never got one. Kinda glad, my obsession died down after awhile and a good ‘ole book is still ok by me 🙂

  3. lucky girl!!! i’ve been wanting a kindle, have fun downloading books to your heart’s desire! and congrats on your *almost* one year of teaching…hehe.

    okay, starting a weekend off with french toast is always good! have a wonderful time shopping with your mom and hope the trip to the dentist isn’t too rough for you. at least you’re doing better than those poor chickens…that injector thing looks creepy. lol.

  4. Cait,
    Congratulations on your first year of teaching! I hope you have a fantastic summer, enjoy your new toy and your vacation! I can’t wait to read all about it! YOU shared some awesome food with us.. and I am very sorry your brother doesnt live next door!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  5. That smoker makes me think of a little space ship..I can’t help it!

    Awesome that you got a kindle, too!! My dad has one and LOVES it!

  6. I have a Kindle too! Love mine, though it didn’t increase my reading as much as I’d hoped.

  7. Congratulations on your teaching Anniversary!!!
    Hope you enjoy your kindle (and I hope you will review it as I do not have one 🙂

  8. Smoked mozza? I am definitely looking forward to hearing how that turns out!! You have an awesome family ~ a kindle – so lucky! Family time is the best!

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