Good evening, dear friends.  How has your Sunday treated you, thus far.  Mine hasn’t really treated me as anything. Just normal. So, I guess it has treated me normal.

After crashing early last night, I woke up energized and ready to go groggy and still tired at 7:00.

After enjoying my breakfast of oat bran & strawberries

And putting the final touches on our shopping list for the week, I headed to the coat closet (yes.. I needed a coat today since the high was 66* and it is was so chilly that those oats up there.. were WARM!) before heading out the door to food shop.

And then I nearly died. Because I saw this.

In the top corner of the coat closet.

Very calmly, I said… JUSITN GET OVER HERE RIGHT NOW! (Very calmly, of course).

Then.. he got his favorite toy. The ant spray that kills all bugs.. not just ants.  He even let me do the honors.

Mr. thousand legger tried to run away after being sprayed.. but he slowed down.. then then just fell off the wall (and at this time, I let out a tiny yelp).

Problem solved. We avoided the attack of the thousand legger. It was for sure the biggest one I’ve ever seen. Most likely, it would have just kept growing.. until it was as big as I was.. and then beat me up.

I am glad we were able to avoid that situation.

After food shopping, running, and boot camp, I came home to create this lovely little lunch:

And spent a majority of the afternoon having fun in the kitchen.. and playing on the computer. AND trying to get my Kindle to stop saying it can’t use my default account.. so I can get a BOOK!

Fun in the Kitchen = Lots of Dishes

I think I am going to start off with Water for Elephants. It is only $4.00 🙂

Weekly Workout Wrap-Up

This week, I was kind of battling an illness.. recovering from an illness (and still think I have something – as my energy levels are KAPUT!) I tried to listen to my body and took it easy with my workouts this week.. even having two rest days!

  • Monday – Sick – NADA
  • Tuesday:  Leg Strength Training Circuit; 30 min HIIT Ellpitical
  • Wednesday: 2 mile warm-up jog / 60 min Body Works/Abs Strength Class
  • Thursday: 45 minute incline workout on TM -Run/Walk – 4.7 mi
  • Friday: 3.5 mile run
  • Saturday: Rest (The circuit training class that I was planning on going to was cancelled.. so I switched up my rest day from Sunday to Saturday)
  • Sunday: 3.5 mile run; 60 minute bootcamp class

Between Friday’s 6am workout and my boot camp class this morning – I had a full 48 hours of rest. Something I haven’t had in a while. I am sure my body greatly appreciated it!

Post workout – I had a surge of energy this morning – but I am dwindling again. I am sure it is a combination of end of school year deadlines, getting ready for vacation.. and just being on the go in general.

This week – I worked my muscles hard at the beginning of the week. My workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday kept me nice and sore all the way through Saturday. I don’t mind though – because it means I am getting stronger!

Sticking to a Schedule

As you might recall.. last week I set up a schedule for each of my days of fitness – hoping I would be able to vary my workouts more. I feel like running has over powered all of my other workouts.. and wanted to try something else out – to try and get away from it.

Last Week's Plan

I had trouble actually sticking to the schedule – because I don’t like feeling restricted to a certain workout.  So – if I didn’t feel like doing what I said I would.. well then.. I just didn’t!

The pure fact that I had planned to vary and do more then just running.. was enough to help me do it!  I am hoping this variation continues into next week.. I do know we have lots of rain on the way – and I have lots to do to prep for VACATION on FRIDAY. Oh hell yes! 🙂

Have you ever been “attacked” by a “killer bug”?

What are some of your favorite ways to regain your energy.. when ya just feel like BLAH!?!



  1. omg I hate those stupid things! This is going to totally freak you out (as you obviously hate them too) but because our master bedroom is in the basement we unfortunately encounter them more than we’d like to and I’ve actually had one in my BED!! I swear I died for a full 2 minutes and am now on a warpath to destroy every one I come in contact with.
    Glad to hear you survived your encounter…

  2. Sick! I hate bugs and that thing is creepy! Whatever it is, we don’t have them in MN.

    Looks like you had some good eats! It is cold here, too…only in the 60s and it’s windy…boo.

  3. OMG that thing is SCARY! I would have freaked out. Totally terrified of all things creepy crawly. Props to you for staying calm!! When I’m feeling blah – I like to listen to music and clean the apartment, because I always feel better with a clean place 🙂 And I’ll also ease off on working out because I figure my body is trying to tell me something!

  4. I HATE those things! Had never seen one until I started dating my husband back in high school and his parents house had them all the time! I can do spiders, bugs but these things GROSS ME OUT! Thankfully, we don’t get them in our house. I think they like damp spaces and luckily our house is not damp. Eww just thinking of them gives me the creeps!

  5. We get those bugs ALL the time back home!! So gross!! I get attacked by killer bugs all the time…usually cockroackes in my case. ugughhghgggg

  6. I find when I write out a schedule, I never follow it. But, when I think of what I want to do, I’ll do it…ahh! I totally liked the variety in your workout this week. I think one of my goals for this week is to go to a class…it’s been a while…but I guess since I haven’t been committed to any gym, it’s hard to actually do classes lol

  7. I had one of those bugs in my condo several weeks ago… like a girl I screamed and called my concierge to come kill it. I’m a shameless wuss!!!

  8. Oh boy have I ever run into freaky bugs before. I grew up living on a lake, so there were tons of critters around the house and sometimes they’d welcome themselves into the house :S

    I motivate myself with good music or signing up for an upcoming race.

  9. Just as I was reading this, a thousand-legger ran across my floor! I killed it but how ironic! I live in a basement apartment and have my fair share of encounters, unfortunately!

  10. Since moving to Cyprus I have encountered a gang of cockroaches blatantly out for my blood… they’re tactical little buggers and come one by one… knives, bandanas the lot… real organised gang crime type stuff! 😦 Thank god we have Oscar!!! (cat)

  11. Oh my word that little beastie looks so scary! I’m ok with spiders but I would have ran out the room from that thing! 🙂

  12. Oh my god that thing looks terrifying!! We don’t get anything like that here in the UK! I would literally scream the house down if I saw one!

  13. EW, I’ve never even seen such a bug! gross, I would have had a heart attack! We have these gigantic wood spiders and they are nasty. I mean, they are harmless, they eat bugs, but they get SUPER big. We used to have them a lot in our old house because we lived in the woods. They were horrible. I had spider spray at each end of the house so I would be prepared in case one tried to sneak up on me!

    You had some strong workouts during the week, especially considering you weren’t feeling well.

  14. Congrats on the Kindle purchase and those ugly creepy bugs are part of the centipede family…centipedes are my sworn enemy and I almost always try and convince my fiance we have to move out of the house whenever I find one…. Anyway! Back to Kindle – is an awesome website that you can borrow books from other ereaders. It’ll save some cash in your pockets cause those ebooks are addicting and add up quick!

  15. When I have no energy I find going for a long walk often helps, or popping to the shops and browsing 🙂 I hope you feel better and back to your old self soon. Also, your last weeks plan looks awesome, I may be stealing some ideas haha. (hope you don’t mind :p)

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  17. Ewwwwwww that picture is so gross!! I hate those bugs so much… but…. Water For Elephants is such a good book 🙂

  18. I find at least one of those bugs a week in my classroom. My students are now keeping track of how many we (they) kill. They are gross and move so fast! So glad I have a bunch of 6-year-olds who will kill them so I don’t have to go near them. 🙂

  19. Water for Elephants was my first Kindle book too!! Definitely didn’t regret that choice, it’s fantastic and such a page turner.
    That bug looks like a demon, and I’m now going to coat every entrance to my apartment with bug spray. DEMON BE GONE!

  20. OMGoodness. I remember thousand-leggers from when I lived in PA. They always freaked me out. So scary, i would literally run across the room and away from them, in fear that one of the legs would touch me, yuck!

    I love, love, loved Water for Elephants. Enjoy your read!

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