Thread Me

Oooh Hey!! Is it Sunday ALREADY?! This weekend was a little too short if you ask me!

Yesterday was a whirlwind.. I was running around from place to place all day.. and plan to do nothing but relax today (well almost nothing.. Grocery Store and Boot Camp.. then nothing)

I have some fabulous news for ya!

Look at those pearly whites!  They are CAVITY FREE! First time in years. Seriously.. it may sound gross.. but I am kind of OCD when it comes to cleaning my teeth. I brush atleast three times every day (I have a toothbrush and toothpaste I use daily at work) and I floss.. every single day. So – please don’t be grossed out when you hear that I get cavities often. I cherish my teeth and try my darnedst to keep them in healthy!

I also made out pretty well at the mall yesterday – Lord and Taylor was having a Friends and Family sale and EVERYTHING in the store was 25% off. This could have resulted in major damage.. but I walked away with these shoes:

And some makeup:

I had originally planned on getting foundation – but then the lady at the counter offered both my mother and I free make-over. Who turns down a free make over.  We had a lovely little Saturday morning getting our make up done. While I wanted to buy everything on my face (especialy the eye-shadow set that was used.. but I wasn’t about to spend 45$ on shadows), I also walked away with new mascara.

It is pretty amazing. It has a vibrating brush. Enough said.

I also took care of my beastly looking eyebrows while at the mall :).

See, I ususally have trouble holding off to get them done professinally. I have very dark eye  brows.. and fair skin.  My eyebrows are also pretty thick.. so it is OBVIOUSLY when they are not kept up.  I usually just pluck.. but that gets annoying,,, so every once in a while, I force myself to let them grow long enough to have someone else do it professionally.

I’ve left the world of waxing though – and now use threading.

I love threading.  It can provide a cleaner, more precise line then waxing does – and it doesn’t lift a layer of your skin.  The threader somehow uses the thread to pull out the hairs in a twisty sort of way.  It is rather quick – and does not leave you with red rings around your eyebrows.

I have found that my hair grows back slower and finer when I get them threaded in comparison to either waxing or plucking 🙂

When I returned to the condo.. I fell asleep for a couple of hours. (I really think I might have lyme’s disease or something.. my energy is still depleted and I am just not the ball of energy I normally am). There was no work out today. Just too tired. I slept until it was time for Justin and I to go to dinner at Saltwater Grille.

I was not impressed.. at all.. with my dinner. I got cod – and I felt like it was soaked in butter. I could barely even eat any of it.  It came with white rice (which can be very problimatic to my stomach.. so I didn’t eat that either).. yet it said no where on the menu that it would be coming with white rice.  It also did not say there would be NO vegetable with the dish. And it was not cheap.

Justin – on the other hand.. enjoyed his New York strip steak and fries.

To make up for my lack-luster dinner.. a stop at Stew’s for some frozen yogurt was absolutley necessary!

It was too good.. I gobbled it down before I had a chance to capture it in pictures..

On a silly side note – I came home to this:

Bright pink duct tape on each of the steps in our building.  We have an elderly neighbor who recently fell down some stairs.. and I guess this was the plan to help her see them more clearly.

Justin noted it would be helpful if he ever came home really drunk 🙂

What are your plans for this lovely Sunday?

How do you take care of your brows?  Plucking; waxing, threading.. nothing at all?! How about your teeth?!

Are your prone to cavities, like me? And do you feel (like I do) that it makes people think you don’t take care of your teeth?!


30 responses to “Thread Me

  1. OMG – I LOVE the pink tape on the stairs. Hahaha! We need that in certain bars around my town…

  2. I agree–this weekend is going way too fast.

    My plans for today are to prep blog posts, pay bills, run errands, hit the gym, and clean my condo.

    My sister helps me with my eyebrows…she’s the fashion/makeup champ of the family. I know nothing when it comes to these things….

    I’m not prone to cavities, but I am obsessed with brushing my teeth…so much that I now have receding gums from too much brushing–resulting in VERY sensitive teeth when I go to the dentist. As a matter of fact, I’m due for a cleaning this month….yikes.

    • Ugh. I am glad I don’t have the sensitive part! That must be pretty awful.. I used to have very sensitive teeth – and using fluoride toothpaste (that was not rinsed .. called prevodint) and a toothpaste for sensitive teeth really helped.

  3. Plans for today are very chilled, might head to a night market this evening but apart from that, nada! 🙂
    I also have a problem with brushing my teeth too often and too hard which has led to receding gums and little lines across my teeth. Been lucky when it comes to cavities though, not one filling! Yet, anyways! 🙂

  4. I was planning to hang out and do nada today, but it’s my husband’s opening day baseball game (I forgot – I’m such a bad wife :-)) so I’m heading to the ball park after my workout. It’s a perfect day for being out, so I’ll be doing pretty much nada, just on a baseball stand instead of my couch!

    I usually wax my brows, but they are one thing that I am brutal at keeping up on. I’ve never done threading, but I might give it a try! Anything to keep them from growing back so fast would be great!

    Happy Sunday!!!

  5. Threading is such a mysterious process I still don’t quite understand how they do it so quickly! I typically just pluck my brows a bit but lately have just been letting them go au natural 😛

    I am the same way with my teetch and bruch and floss them 3 to 4 times a day when i can.

    So sorry about the fish, I really hate when that happens. Good thing you had fro yo so you didn’t go hungry!

    Today I’m going to do some much needed catching up on blogs, workout, skype with my fam, grocery shop, walk my pup, and hopefully cook something yummy! 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! 🙂

  6. So does threading hurt more than waxing? It looks so painful! I am horrible about staying on top of my eyebrows even though I need to. I’m Italian with lots of dark hair and when my eyebrows grow in it is totally obvious. I’ve seen the threading places but they scare me!

  7. Yay for no cavities!!! It’s cheaper to brush your teeth twice a day & floss daily than to pay for various dental work..hooray for saving money (to be spent on other things 😉

    As for my brows, I am truly blessed that they are so light that I can get away with not grooming them for extensive amounts of time (my skin is so so sensitive). Hate tweezing, threading felt like a razor blade on my eyebrows so I suppose my method is waxing. One quick swoop and it’s gone (and then my face is bright red & puffy for hours~lovely!)

    Today i’d like to get in some biking..and we are heading to a baseball game tonight..yippee! Happy Sunday 🙂

    • Agree with you about cost with brushing and flossing. It just gets frustrating when genetics tell you it doesn’t MATTER how much you care for your teeth.. you are going to get the cavities and have to pay to get them filled anyway! Which is my scenario!

  8. haha, okay that tape on the staircase is awesome! so funny.

    oh gosh, my teeth, i’m so embarrassed about them! i am really prone to cavities and all that so every time i go in i want to wear a sign that says, “i swear i brush my teeth!” well, i’m happy for you that this time you got of cavity free! 🙂

  9. Haha, the pink tape is such a good idea! I may have to try it, but somehow I don’t think my parents would be best pleased. hmmm…
    (also, I am also quite the OCD tooth brushing person, nothing wrong with being hygienic! 🙂 )

  10. My plans for today have including running (still working on getting acclimated to 2200 ft elevation), breakfast, blogging, napping (I knowww haha), and hopefully, a cute boy is coming to visit me tonight!

    I get my eyebrows waxed and I also pluck for maintenance, but my skin is SUPER sensitive so I always get veryyyy red. I brush and floss regularly, but I do get cavities – none my last visit though.

  11. I’m exactly like you with my teeth- meticulous! And yet I’ve had my fair shares of cavities and even two root canals. My dentist said that some people just have week enamel.

  12. I’ve always wanted to try threading! I get mine waxed about once every 2 months when i just can’t keep up with tweezing. as for my teeth I am cavity-prone. I floss, I brush yet I STILL end up with cavities. fail. I dread going to the dentist and having xrays cause i’m always afraid they’ll find a cavity

  13. I am a tweeze a holic. lol

    I just posted about some new tweezers I got the other day and went to the Mac store for makeup.

    I love reading about your health and beauty stuff 🙂

  14. I’m relaxing as much as possible today too! 🙂

  15. DEFINITELY prone to cavities! I’ve had so much work done to my teeth because of all the cavities and I take super good care of my teeth. Ugh.

    I’ve wanted to try threading! Waxing makes me break out and plucking’s so painful. Our mall offer it so I’ll stop by next time.

  16. I’ve always wanted to get my brows threaded! One of my friends has it done and really loves it. I got them waxed when I was younger and bled like crazy- I must have really sensitive skin!

  17. I totally feel ya on being OCD about your teeth! I have had so many dang cavities and cannot understand why because I clean obsessively too… grrr!
    I have never tried threading, but have heard of a number of being enjoying it. Your explanation is compelling me to go for it 🙂
    Tonight I am watching the Next Food Network Star at 9!

  18. I brush my teeth and floss and ALWAYS have cavities. I think its important to find a good dentist. One time I went and to a new dentist (moved away for uni) and he said I had 4 cavities, went home for second opinion and I only had 2. I wouldnt be surprised if (some) dentists manipulate clients esp if they have good coverage.

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  20. I’ve never heard of threading before! I have an eyebrow piercing so since getting that last year I’ve just been plucking away. You are right though, it gets very tedious & annoying. I have dark brows & pale skin 😦

    Congratz on no cavities! I was the same way this year. Isn’t it the best feeling?!

  21. I wax my own brows! They grow in really sparsely at the edges and I just don’t trust anyone else to not rip off what I barely have! Sally Hansen is my bff for that.
    I hear you about the teeth – I used to work at an orthodontist, so after the ladies went out to lunch we’d all brush together once we made it back to the office. It was really cute! I was completely devastated when I found out I had my first cavity last winter. I made it that long without one…couldn’t I have made it a little longer?!

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