Running to a Beat

Why hello there.
Thanks for stopping by Beyond Bananas.

I don’t know. The first line of my posts.. are the ones I dread the most. I feel like they are awkward!

Anyway – seems like many of your have had experiences with the thousand leggers that I found in the coat closet on Sunday morning. I had NEVER seen this bug until I met Justin. He had them in his basement at his parent’s house (and I think he brought them with him).

Justin did a little research on the little big bugger last night.. and found out that are kind of helpful because they eat all the other bugs in homes. (Um, I guess we must have a lot of bugs since this dude looked like a monster).  Their average size is 1-2 inches (ours was much bigger) .. and can live anywhere from 4-7 years.  Thats a damn long life for a bug if you ask me!

Anyway – today played out like any old day. It started off with some overnights:

So – I’ve been getting a lot of requests/questions/inquiries regarding my little bundles of love that I eat daily.

I’ve decided to do a video post so I can show you how I make them. The most helpful oat posts that I have seen.. have come VIA video. So I hope to be as helpful to you.

Take one was today. Take one failed.  For many reasons. One of them being – I was in my sweaty running clothes.  Another one of them being – I kept touching my nose an absurd amount of time.  Still another reason is that I didn’t have anything set up – I just winged it.  Winging it isn’t good.

I suppose I shall call it a dress rehearsal. I will try again tomorrow. Chances are – you will get me in my sweaty gym clothes.  Don’t worry – you won’t be able to smell me through the computer. (And I promise my hands are washed!!)

Moving on – I decided to go for a run when I got home. It was partly sunny and in the 70s – a far cry from the chilly temperatures of the weekend.. and similarly chilly temps are forecasted for tomorrow.

I ran a total of 5 miles.

Let’s take a look at the break down.

Not to shabby since I felt like I wanted to die during mile one! 🙂  I was still able to finish strong in mile 5!!

I came home to a lovely little package of Chocolate Covered Pretzels from Kathleen over at Kat’s Health Corner. It was one of the things Justin so kindly donated to win after the bake sale had closed!

They look delicious and can’t wait to give them a try! Rather then having chocolate after my run (like I have done before).. I decided to chomp on an apple instead 🙂

Dinner tonight was simple – a Salmon Burger (without the broccoli slaw) and a side of veggies!

Something super cool that I found last night via Pink-Runner is a website called Jog.Fm.  You simply enter the pace at which you want to run – and gives you a whole bunch of songs that have the right number of beats per minute to keep you at your goal pace.

I know that the music I listen to often determines how fast or slow I run. I pick it up with up-beat, quick tempo-ed songs.. and then slow down when the beat is slower.  I found this to be awesome and I am going to try to make some new playlists that have songs to keep me at my goal pace.

Before I run – to start making lists of what I am bringing to SAN FRAN.. I’ve got a few questions for you..

First off – does your music dictate how fast or slow you run?

And secondly.. more seriously.. do you remember any special things that you teacher did for you at the end of the year (besides a little celebration)?  I am trying to come up with something super memorable (but not time consuming.. or expensive) for my kiddies!

Have a fabulous night! xoxo

BTW – Wednesday is the deadline for those guest posts!


22 responses to “Running to a Beat

  1. Blehhhhhh I HATE thousand leggers more than anything!!! Glad you liked the website!!! 🙂

    • Yes it is awesome! I am in a pickle with my ipod though! The computer with my itunes lib crashed.. so if I connect it to ths computer.. I will lose all of the music on it now. BLAH!

  2. I didn’t realize it until I stopped running with headphone for a bit, but music totally dictates my pace. I’m much faster with it! Maybe it’s partially the distraction?

  3. Haha I completely understand being unsure of how to introduce your posts! I never know if I should say hello first, ask how people are doing, jump right in?
    The right kind of music definitely gets my butt moving!
    And those types of bugs are literally the scariest creatures ever 😦 I am getting shivers just thinking about them!

  4. As an end of the year present, I buy (use Scholastic points) each of my students a book and write a little note to them on the inside cover. I usually talk about how proud I am of them for learning “something” this year or how hard they have worked at “something”.

    • Hi Kristen! Thanks for the idea! As a first year teacher, i don’t have many scholastic points yet (and my students tend not to return the order forms.. infact, I only have one students who has purchased from scholastic this year!) I did get a bunch of books for them at the Scholastic Wearhouse sale as a holiday present back in December though (where you canfill a big box as much as possible for 25$~)

  5. I need to check out! Music totally dictates my pace. I find myself downloading songs just for their beat and most of the time I hate the song. Very curious!

  6. can I please have your weather! its 103F here! eek. Maybe it keeps the bugs away though. haha.
    Music definitely helps the pace. slow and fast. Love that!

  7. can I please have your weather! its 103F here! eek. Maybe it keeps the bugs away though. haha.
    Music definitely helps the pace. slow and fast. Love that!

  8. That website sounds amazing. I don’t often find that the music effects my pace, but it does effect my breathing, which can cause me to cramp up…weird, I know. 🙂

    I love your running hairdo, for reals. 🙂 As far as the school/teacher thing, I don’t remember anything specific a teacher did, but my mom used to bring in things like dirt cake to my class. Super easy – layers of chocolate pudding & crushed oreas garnished with gummy worms served in a (new) sand bucket with a shovel. Or maybe you can find some summer-related that you can give the students to use during their break?

    • Interesting that the music can effect your breathing!!

      Mmm I used to LOVE dirt cake! Maybe I will make some for our little celebration!

      I also just came up with a great idea that I will share more on later in the week. (Okay.. I didn’t come up with it. Google did 😉 )

  9. Boo to your chilly weather.. I’m melting over here. I was in the grocery store for probably 45 minutes and it was as hot in my car as when I got in it after work. wth. so gross. I can not even fathom running outside right now.

    I don’t remember anything memorable that teachers did at the end of the school year.

  10. That whole song thing just BLEW my mind! What a great idea and sweet invention. I think a song can totally dictate the pace you run at!! I didn’t run to music – instead since I was on the treadmill for once, I caught up on my gossip haha. But on my run on Wednesday, I would love to use that website…and try to keep ALL the songs fast-paced.

    I don’t remember any special things teachers did (block out memories much?), but what are your plans for the kiddies?!

  11. I’m the same with the beginning of my posts… I always tend to want to start with Ok, so then… haha inspiring much!! 😀 Also I have a little nervous tic thing when being filmed… I flick my hair… I didn’t know until a crew pulled me up one day and showed me a run through… oops! I looked like a bloody bobble head! haha! Can’t wait to see your vlog as i’ve never made overnight oats!

  12. Looks like a great run 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.

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