Prepping For A Vacation

I would consider myself a fairly organized person.  (Many people may beg to differ.. and this certainly was not the case between the ages of birth and 20 – when my room resembled a war field).

Even if my room isn’t always clean.. and I leave laundry in the dryer to avoid folding it… Even if I leave all of the kitchen cabinets open.. or all of the drawers on my dressers open (ADHD.. Seriously..) … I am definitely get my act together when it comes to preparing for a trip.

So – I bring you a few tips that I use when getting ready to go on vacation.

Note – I normally would have done this much earlier then.. TONIGHT. But hey.. life happens.

Check the weather for your destination

This will help you know how you should pack!

Make a list of everything you plan to bring.. so you don’t end up across the country.. with no underwear.. or no deodorant.

Said list will allow suitcase to go from this:

To this:

In a fairly short amount of time!

Don’t fill your carry on all the way – be sure to leave room for any purchases made!

Pack any items that have a chance of leaking.. into large ziploc baggies.

No one wants clothes covered in shampoo and conditioner..

LABEL YOUR EXTRA CONTACTS! Left and Right of Course.

Yes – bring an extra pair. And yes. I have not labeled them before and had to guess if they were in the correct eyes..


Spills happen. (I’m a pro at not allowing the food to get into my mouth…)

Charge up all of your electronics!

GUM! Even if you are not an addict like me.. it will help keep your ears clear as you take off and land.. 

And.. this also keeps my mouth occupied. Otherwise I might think I am hungry.. do to boredom.. when I am really not!

Paint your nails.. and bring the polish!

Chips are no fun. They can be avoided easily!

Pack some snacks…

And also check with the hotel to see if they provide fridge/microwaves.. or if they can by request. I called our hotel a couple of days ago – and was told we should have one.  Often (or so I’ve heard), if you say you have special dietary needs, the hotel will help to accomodate you!

Hence.. the protein powder.  We plan on eating breakfast in the room somedays..s o we aren’t eating out.. 3 times a day.. for 5 days. Yikes.

MAKE some snacks:

Little chocolate cherry energy balls! I KNOW tomorrow will be a long day!

Take a look at the public transit maps if you will be using it!

Justin and I are only renting a car for one day to take a day trip to wine country… otherwise we will be hoofin’ it.. and taking public transit. I certainly don’t want to spend a gazillion hours trying to figure out what is going on while I am there.. so we took a peek before hand!

Take a look at possible restuarnats of interest!

Sadly – Justin and I have had little time to do this. However.. we did find out that our flight offers WiFi for $11.00. 7 hour flight.. you better believe we will be purchasing that. We plan to find some good eats then!

What is your best travel/packing tip?!


31 responses to “Prepping For A Vacation

  1. I’m the WORST packer!! I always take way too much – doesn’t matter if I’m going for 3 days or 2 weeks, I end up with a fully stuffed suitcase. 🙂

    Also – I made your overnight oats! I followed your recipe exactly the first time. I really liked them, but they weren’t quite sweet enough for me. The second time, I made it with chocolate sunwarrior and 2 tsp of brown rice syrup. Perfect!! I just love the addition of the frozen mixed berries. Thanks for the VLOG and for giving me a new variation on my breakfast! 🙂

  2. Good tips 😦 My husband never checks the weather before packing and it drives me crazy when he gets there and doesn’t have the right type of clothing! He was perpetually cold in Ireland and I just wanted to shout ” I TOLD YOU SO!”
    Enjoy your trip!
    PS- the internet is sooo worth it!

  3. You’re so prepared! I usually forget the weather part, but I’m a huge list maker.

  4. I’m so excited for y’all!! Funny that I literally JUST moved away from SF, or we could meet up!! Anywho, since you’ll only be renting a car for one day, def take advantage of the bus and taxis – if you can hail one. There’s a major shortage of taxis in SF lately, so be aggressive, lol!

    If you like Burmese food, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Burma Superstar, which I just wrote about in my last pots. I just went there and loved it!! If you want to, you can email me the area you’re staying in, and I can recommend some good restaurants if I know any! We lived in Presidio Heights (near Pacific Heights), and it’s so pretty! If you want to get in a good run, check out the Lyon Street steps and the Presidio – SO pretty and both are in the city!! Don’t hesitate to email if you have questions and HAVE FUN!! 🙂

    • Hi Kristen! I sent you an email with where we are staying!! I am totally brining running gear. I thikn running in cities is SO much fun!

      We are going to bike the golden gate bridge too 🙂

  5. girl you ARE organized!! i’m the worst at packing, no joke. i usually wait very last minute then just chuck in a smorgasbord of things i think i’ll need. i usually end up with way too much and odds and ends. then of course forget something important…lol.

    my best travel tip though is that i do usually do as much scoping out online about the place i’m visiting. usually it involves what to do, where to go, best eats, and places to run at. but u’ve already got that and much more covered. 🙂

    you, my friend, have an AWESOME time! looking forward to reading all about it! 🙂

    • Yes.. I have been trying my best to scope things out.. we have a bunch of things already planned.. and will be reseraching more on the flight!

      I can’t wait to go.. and then let you all see how great a time we had!

  6. I saw on another blog recently a tip in case your packing goes awry- most hotels have a “secret stash” of chargers in case you forget yours. Genius!

  7. I’m actually pretty good at packing and usually end up packing my husband’s suitcase as well because I know he will forget stuff! I’m nice like that! 🙂

    My tip would be to roll your shirts and bottoms. You can fit more clothing that way and they don’t wrinkle as much! 😉

  8. No matter how many days we’re going to be away, I manage to pack a very large suitcase to just below the weight limit (or sometimes and teensy weensy bit over 🙂 I get my hubby to bring a large suitcase as well, so we have room for overflow if we make lots of purchases. I always pack way too much, but you just never know what you’ll feel like wearing 😉 We also put at least one outfit into each other’s suitcase so we have something to wear in case one of our pieces of luggage gets lost!

  9. Great tips!! I am so all about the Tide to go… I always plan to wear certain things few times (like jean shorts!) so if I get a stain on them I freak out!

    The problem I encounter is the weight limit. I can pack a lot in a suitcase, so I always have to go small to make sure that I don’t go over! I’m an awful packer. I pack EVERYTHING. You would think I was moving somewhere by how I pack. I just always want to have choices for what to wear!

    • I feel you. I tried to pack a lot of shirts.. with only a few bottoms. so I have optionso n top.. and can make completely different outfits.

      Although, I am sure I won’t want to wear anything I packed once I am there.


  10. Good planning…I honestly don’t think I’ve ever planned that much, so that must say something about MY organizational skills haha. You’re going to have such a great time. Hopefully you’re close enough to downtown so walking won’t be a problem. When we were in San Diego we were staying on a family friend’s boat in the Marriott harbour, so it was like a 2 min walk to downtown…IDEAL! Have soooo much fun!!!

  11. Holy crap that’s organized! I always try to pack everything into a carry-on so i don’t have to check bags. If I do check a bag, I always pack a spare outfit and some extra underwear in a carry on just in case my bag is lost.

  12. Ahhh beautiful weather! Perfect. You’ll have such an amazing time!

  13. You win the gold star for being most prepared evaaaah! now take me with you! =)

  14. I am so excited for you! I think you did an awesome job prepping and packing. I did something similar when we went sailing over christmas because we had to bring very specific things but they couldn’t take up much space! 😛

    Have a wonderful time! 🙂

  15. Ahh thats the best part about packing, making a list! haha! love it! my house is full of lists, most of them never get used but hey the thought was there, right?! 😀 Have a fabulous time girlie! Your going to one of the places I want to visit the most so can’t wait to see lots of snaps! 🙂

  16. I also make a list of all the things we need to pack. I’m horribly forgetful and will leave my toothbrush at home if I don’t write it down. I also back both our bags (if we each have one). Chris does not do packing. at all. I’ve become better at packing lightly over the last few years. All the vacations that Chris & I go on involve fishing/camping so we always have to pack lightly and in one bag. The biggest problem I had was packing for Ohio in November.. winter clothes are slightly bulkier than swimsuits & dresses. When we go to the bahamas in august we can only take one ha. That should be interesting. We are going to be gone for 8 days.

    Have a fun trip!!


  18. I make detail lists too when I go on vacation. I already made a list of things to bring on our honeymoon that is over a month away. Excited? OCD? Maybe a little of both. I like to make a list far enough in advanced that I can add things I originally forgot. Then about a week or so before the trip I start making piles of everything to bring so I can look it over and add or remove items if need be. I hate the feeling of forgetting something and by doing this it pretty much eliminated that chance.

    Have a great trip!

    • Woohoo! Only a month til your honeymoon.. that is so awesome! I think that is such a special trip.. so there is totally nothing wrong with preparing that WELL in advance!

      Where are you headed?!

  19. That list is an amazing idea!! I always pack wayy to much for trips too 🙂 I like that the LUNA bar is part of your trip snacks ( that flavour is one of the BEST!) have you tried the SMores flavour *swoon* amazing 😉

    • I honestly haven’t had a Luna bar in over a year! I used to eat one EVERY day – I ordered the large packs from amazon.. and kind of got sick of them form eating them too much!

      This was the only flavor they had at the convenient store I was in.. and I didn’t feel like going anywhere else! haha. It is good though. Never had smores. I do like Chocolate Raspberry the best.. Lemon Zest is good too!

  20. I’m exactly the same, my organisation goes into overdrive for holidays. I love the checklist btw… I always make one but it ends up about 5 pages long coz the more I think about it the more stuff I think I need !

  21. May be easier to just leave a comment! 🙂

    -Ferry Building Farmers Market on Saturday mornings is AMAZING. They also have Blue Bottle Coffee which will change your life. Inside the Ferry Building are all kinds of local goodies too!
    -If you bring running gear – the run from the Marina Green (Marina Blvd/Fillmore) to the bridge is beautiful and filled with dogs, runners and tons of views!
    -Giants games are my FAVORITE! You’ll love it!
    -If you bike all the way to Tiburon (across the bay in Marin) there’s a place called Sam’s Anchor Cafe downtown that has beautiful views of the city and a deck out on the water – you can take the ferry back to SF and bring your bikes on it too!
    -You can’t go wrong in wine country – it’ll be hotter than SF, delicious wine and great food! I love V. Sattui Winery – they have wine and then they have a deli with cheese and chocolate and goodies!
    -For food recommendations – Beretta in the Mission is AMAZING, Spruce in Laurel Heights (but a bit pricier), ZeroZero in Soma (South of Market – 4th and Folsom I think), Wayfare Tavern in the Financial District (Tyler Florence’s restaurant), and oh my goodness depending on where you stay I could go on forever!

    • Thank you SO much for all of your tips! I am actually landing RIGHT NOW! I wll let you know what we end up doing. I hope to get to the Farmer’s Market in the morning!

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