Three Things Thursday

Goodness gracious. I am stressed to the max and overwhelmed. I don’t know which direction I am going in.. but it is all for good reason!  I’ve got two half days of school left.. and then am immediately taking off for vacation!

Um – yeah .. about that. It is SUPER difficult to leave for a vacation on the SAME day you finish a school year.  There is too much to do.. for both occasions. I will probably never have the two fall on the same day again. Throw the blog in there.. and I’ve got myself a doozy of a list of things to get done!

So – today’s post will be short and sweet because I’ve got lots to do.  Here are three things that have been going on in my life as of late.

  • I bought 17 candy bars yesterday.

Look at that goodness. All of me. I’ve eaten 10 of then already.

Ha. Just kidding.  It is actually part of the end of year gift I am giving to my students.  I made awards that revolve around each candy bar – and created Award Certificates for each kid:

Here are a few of my favorites:

    • Milky Way Award – presented to a student for being OUT OF THIS WORLD!
    • Almond Joy Award  – presented to a student who brought joy to our classroom every day!
    • Pop Rock Award – presented to a student who rocked all the way through second grade!
    • Starburst Award – presented to a student who was a shining star in the class
    • Snickers Award – presented to a student who always knew how to make us snicker and smile!

Ahh. I could actually go on listing all 17 – so I must stop myself! (Remember.. I am working under time contraints here…)

  • When someone else cries.. I cry too.. even if there is no connection to me.

So – a number of teachers at our school are moving on. And we had a little celebration with cake.. where each teacher shared with the staff a few words.  Now – I do not know any of these teachers very well. I am a first year teacher – then two of them taught on a different floor then me.. and the others are part of the middle school – not the elementary school.

Well – they were sad to be leaving – and shed tears.  Well.. guess who had tears rollin’ down her face too?!

Oh yeah. This girl. It was kind of embarassing. No one else was crying.. except the people leaving. And me. AWKWARD!!!

  • I ditched the dinner plan this week. Um. Yeah. All that.. feeling like I don’t have enough time to do things.. kind of made me toss the dinner plans out the door.

When Justin came home on Tuesday – I told him I dind’t feel like making sweet and sour chicken.. and asked if we could do our own thing for the night. Fine with  him.. he had hot dogs and fries.. I had a salad.

After dinner I said.. Um.. We are on our own for dinner tomorrow night too.

Good think he is such a great guy and lvoes to eat his hot dogs, chicken nuggets and fries!!

Tonight though – we will be doing homemade pizza. I haven’t canceled on him. Yet.

Okay – your up.. tell me one thing that has been goin on in your life lately!  Are you a crying groupie like me?!


23 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. I’m the same way!!! It drives me nuts! I cry anytime someone else is crying. I went to a funeral once and it wasn’t for anyone in my family. It was for my friend’s stepfather. I was sobbing – it was sad obviously – but there were people around me looking at me like “what in the world is wrong with her?”or, “she must be his daughter”. I’m the worst cryer ever!

  2. I definitely cry easily too! I’ve gotten better at getting emotional but sometimes I just can’t help it if someone else is crying!

    Those awards are adorable! Your students will love them I’m sure!

    I have lots of parties going on in my life! Birthdays, showers, weddings, etc. I have the next 3 weekends jam packed with parties! and then more the end of July!

  3. I haven’t been to busy. Work has been stressing me out more than it should, but my routine hasn’t changed much – thank goodness! I’m a sucker for a schedule.

  4. Hate to say it, but I’m the opposite! It takes A LOT for me to cry! I never know how to act when someone is crying!

  5. You’re such a good teacher! I love the candy bar award idea.

  6. Omigosh! Those awards are the sweetest things! What a great idea 😀

  7. I never used to be a crier and then I hit 20 and turned into a basketcase. Seriously, I will cry in movies at things like going-away parties, whatever! So, I feel your awkwardness! haha

  8. I think it depends on who’s crying for me. I always feel sad for the person that’s crying because it’s heart breaking to know someone is in pain, but I don’t often just start crying when someone I don’t know is crying. (In NYC I often see a lot of people randomly in tears on the street…it’s so bizarre). When I see someone crying though I totally find myself coming up with a story in my head as to why they could be crying. Haha – am I alone in that?!?

    Also – LOVE the candy bar award idea!! That’s so cute.

    Have a wonderful vacation and just remember – all that stress will be behind you in 2.5 days!

  9. I am really easy to cry too! Greeting cards get me every time.. its ridiculous.

  10. LOVE your awards ideas! that is so cute and thoughtful!

    … lately I am an emotional SAP. Normally i’m pretty tough, but now that I’ve decided to move home, I’m at the end of my diet and work is stressful I tear up over teh silliest things!

  11. runningonapples

    The awards are adorable..I used to love when teachers did those types of things for us. I’m not really that emotional, but if I’m already feeling stressed I easily start crying!

  12. Cait,
    Congratulations on the end of your first school year, the candy bar idea is truly awesome! I know it’s stressful trying to get everything done… but I hope the trip rocks!
    ENJOY yourself!
    Take care,

  13. Yes! I’m a total sympathetic crier. When other people start to cry I immediately well up! I can’t help it. I love that you gave them candy bars you’re such an awesome teacher!

  14. Those awards are such a good idea – I wish my teachers had done that for me !!

  15. I am definitely a crier as well! So sorry that things are so hectic but just think in a few days you’ll be enjoying beautiful san francisco! 🙂

    I love your idea of making awards for each kid, they are going to love them! 🙂

    Nothing too crazy going on here yet, it’s the calm before the storm of figuring out where we’re moving too. Nick is waiting to hear back after interviewing. It would just be nice if they tell us sooner rather than later bec our lease is up in two weeks! eeek

  16. Awwe, cute awards!! I bet the kids loved them 🙂 I definitely cry when other people cry, too unless they’re obviously doing so for attention. But like at weddings or something..if someone starts crying, I do too!

  17. What cute awards! I would love to get the Snickers or Swedish fish related award- they are both my favorite candies 🙂
    I cry when others do too! I used to be better about holding my ground, but I am a big mush now haha

  18. I also cry a lot! It could have absolutely nothing to do with me, but I’ll be bawling my eyes out! Then, when I start? I can’t stop! Ahhh!

    Congrats on being almost done! 😀

  19. Constantly checking to see if I got into school or not…it’s a bad, bad obsession!

  20. I have to admit i’m a bit of an emotional wreck at times myself… ‘Marley and Me’ is a classic example… I think i cried for a week! 😀 Strange cause I never really used to cry. I must be getting soft in my old age! 😉

  21. Aw I love those awards!!! Super cute and creative!
    I am definitely not an emotional person! I used to be, but once I hit college, all of a sudden, I wasn’t anymore! Odd!

  22. What a cute way to reward your students! I love it 🙂

    I’m not a big crier at all. I blame my sister- she is stone cold!

  23. I’m the same way with crying ! I cry all the time when I watch tv shows. I used to be such a stoic and then after I started seeing boys I suddenly got all emotional. I guess hitting sophomore year of high school just meant I became emotional?! I don’t know!

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