Greetings from 40,000 feet!

No. I wish I had this view. Its dark now.

Sadly.. we should be 3/4 of the way to San Francisco right now.. but the truth of the matter is – we just took off 😦

Some terrible storms in the New York area created some MAJOR delays.  In all honestly – we are lucky to even be in the air.  The plane we were orignally supposed to be on had to take a detour and land in Allentown, PA.. but for some reason, there was an extra plane hanging out at the airport.. and we got to use it.

Good news is – we are in the air and on our way!

Our trip to the airport did not lend to the delays that were in-sight, however.

I was able to leave school as soon as my kiddies were dismissed.. came home, ate lunch.. and jumped in the car!

Wrinkled Much?!

Upon arriving – there were NO lines at the Delta check in.

We grabbed some seats.. with some SUNSHINE

And then I headed out to find some eats to bring on the plane. I did bring snacks.. but I knew I would need something a little more substantial.

I was actually very impressed by the healthy options that were available in the Delta terminal.  I decided on getting some veggies with hummus:

And a turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and mustard.

I was not impressed, however, by the small hole these two items burned in my pocket.. totaling $15.00.

Eh. Whatever. It is airport food.. pricey goods are expected.

I am not one to sit still – so on my next walk around.. I grabbed these:

Oooh goodness gracious.  These are little pieces of heaven. I’ve never had Godiva Pearls before.. but they are the perfect cure for a sweet tooth. (Especially since you can eat 8 little pieces for 25 calories! 🙂 )

Soon enough.. the clouds rolled in.

Then the rain.

Followed by thunder, lightning.. the whole nine yards.

Then there were numerous gate changes.. that had us running around the airport. (I think we may have covered 3 miles!)

Finally, we planted at a gate. And were accompanied by this little boy:

He was NOT intmidated by people. He only left the ground once. He also would not stay still so I could not get a good picture!

While waiting – I wandered once more. I spotted some Synergy.. but just couldn’t buy it.

Seriously?! That is outrageous. Water will do me JUST fine, thanks.

We boarded the plane about two hours late.

And then the pilot told us we would be waiting at least an hour to take off.. because there was such a long line of planes that needed to get out.

Sad Justin.

Sad Cait.

But now – we are good to go. The best part is – we aren’t really missing anything due to the delay.  Granted – we won’t arrive to our hotel until sometime after midnight in PST (umm.. 3am EST.. yikes) .. but we will only be missing sleeping time. Nothing more.


My blogging will be rather inconsistent for the next couple of days. But – I have some AMAZING ladies guesting for you! I will check in when I can – but plan to enjoy  my vacation to the fullest!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

What was one of the worst traveling experiences you have ever had?! I know this wasn’t terrible… but it wasn’t perfect either!


8 responses to “Airborne

  1. Have the BEST time, Cait!! I emailed you a few suggestions, but I know you’ll have fun no matter where yo go! The weather in SF has been amazing lately. Enjoy y’alls vacation!!

  2. I have to say, airport food is definitely getting better! Make sure and visit the ballpark (go Giants)!

  3. Traveling can be the worst sometimes! Obviously flying is necessary for certain places, but I feel like something always goes even slightly wrong. I am glad you are up in the air now, have a great time!!

  4. The food is decent in the Delta terminal isn’t it? The prices are whacked but I usually don’t care as much since I’m expensing it to a client 😉 At least there are healthy options!

    Glad you made it, have an awesome time in San Fran!

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