Look Who’s Talkin’ {Vivianne}

As you know, I have a number of guest posts lined up for while Justin and I are enjoying our time in San Francisco!  Allow me to introduce you to Vivianne… the first guest poster! Vivianne is pretty awesome.. because she was the winner of my first (and so far only) giveaway of PEANUT FLOUR!

Hi! I’m Vivianne and I blog over at greekyogurte. I blog about everything! School, tea, cute animals, sushi, friends, flowers, Starbucks, and life! I am so happy to be sharing some of that with you (:

Speaking of Starbucks….

You see, I haven’t always had the best relationship with food or exercise. We have a… complicated relationship status. I’ve battled eating disorderthoughts and lonely nights. I’ve also made some great memories with friends. Life has been a series of ups and downs for me, probably just like how it’s been for you.


I started off college with obsessive thoughts, although I didn’t realize it. I actually went into college wanting to lose weight. I was going to be minus the freshman 15. Crazy right?! I thought with a gym right down the street it would be peaches ‘n cream. No way.

I tried to exercise at least 4-5 times a week. I took too many credits, joined too many clubs, obsessed about everything. I should have taken on a little less for my first semester at college. My eating became the only thing I could control and I was wracked with guilt on a regular basis. I tried to “exercise the guilt off”. Yeah, that worked out… not.

I came home for Christmas and I was not the same person. I hadn’t been the same person for a while. I wasn’t myself. I didn’t know what I did to lose myself so completely. My mom recognized the problem, and after some discussion, I decided it was time to enter therapy.

Weekly therapy helped me immensely. It is still helping me today. What has helped the most though, are the things I recognized I needed in my life… especially some balance.

I joined a yoga class at the gym and took a cardio ballet class at a local dance studio. I looked forward to both of these every single week. They were highlights for me and brought me peace. I found more time for fun with friends, and allowed some midnight smoothie runs. I went vegetarian and started learning how to really take care of myself. I changed my major and now I want to become a dietitian.

Changing my entire life around wasn’t the clincher. It wasn’t just a life course change that allowed me to find myself. It was changing my daily routine. Finding time to relax and open up to people at school. Finding time to blog. Finding time to make smoothie and froyo runs. Finding time to run becauseI wanted to.

The key to health isn’t “doing all the right things”. It’s doing your own thing. Sometimes I snacked at night because I stayed up late. Other times I was early to bed hitting the sheets around 10:30. [First one in my hall (; ] I believe that fro yo is a necessity after a math exam. Emotional eating? You betcha. Sometimes I cave and it’s okay. I know I need it. I exercise how I want to. My body isn’t built for running and I honestly don’t enjoy it. I run sometimes, but most of the time I do workout DVD’s, biking, Zumba, swimming, elliptical… etc. I love fruits so I try to make as many recipes with them as I can. I stress bake and force my boyfriend to bake with me.

Yoga on a beach in Florida.

I am still working towards health, happiness, and self-acceptance. I wish you all luck on your journey! (:

Namaste  Vivianne


5 responses to “Look Who’s Talkin’ {Vivianne}

  1. What an inspirational post–I’m headed over to her blog right now! Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I love Vivianne 🙂 Great post! 🙂 ❤

  4. this post is truly beautiful! thank u for sharing ur story and experiences!

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