Holy Hills!

I had no idea just how many hills are in San Fran .. and just how steep these hills are!

My buttox is  getting QUITE the workout this week! My legs are so sore!!

Um yeah.. those sidewalks.. are stairs!

While we have only been here for 2 full days, we have seen so much and are enjoying ourselves to the max!

We’ve gone over the Golden Gate Bridge…

Frequented Union Square..

Gone to Golden Gate Park..


Pink Ladies


Ripley’s Believe it or not..


And this jungle scene is made of old running shoes!

We’ve seen China Town and done some browsing..

Japan Town.

We have seen City Hall – the top of this building has legit 24 karat gold on it!

We’ve been to Fisherman’s Wharf..

What a view...

Where we also visted the Sea Lions.

We’ve seen the Bay Bridge..

And I even had my first dose of Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt..

Orignal Tangy, Tart Blueberry, Strawberry Banana Swirl Yogurt with Strawberries, Blueberries, Kiwi, and Mini Dark Choc. Chips

Which I made Justin promise me we could go to again before we left..

How have I seen so many things.. in so little time? Well, we ended up getting Hop-on, Hop-Off tour bus tickets.. 20 bucks, good for two days. While I never thought I would never be someone to ride one of  those double-decker tour buses, this was definitely the right decision. We got to get our bearings.. understand the city better.. and learn so much!

Hope you all had a nice weekend.. and are enjoying Vivianne and Lisa’s guest posts… with more posts to come soon! (Thanks again to all the ladies who are helping me out! 🙂 )

And thanks for your kind comments on my flight delays.. and then my luggage fiasco.  My luggage came the next night.. but EVERYTHING in it was SOAKED. It was a sick joke. My shoes.. ruined.

No point in crying over spilt milk though.. I am on vacation  🙂


12 responses to “Holy Hills!

  1. This makes me want to take a trip there! Wow, you guys have seen and done so much in so little time! I’m glad to hear that you’re having a great trip!

    That’s crazy that they have stairs that go up the steep hills. Yikes!

  2. so glad you are having a blast!! i went there when i was younger and my uncle used to live there! i definitely remember all of the hills! love the pics doll!

  3. I’ve never been to San Fran but it sounds SO fun! There’s a conference coming up in November I’m thinking about going out for, mostly so I can explore the city!

  4. Looks like so much fun! I’ve never been west of Chicago but would love to see California.

  5. Oh no! I can’t believe your luggage was ruined like that! I hope Delta compensates you somehow, that’s nuts.

    On a brighter note, it looks like you guys are having an awesome time! So jealous you got to see the Full House house! I’ve been to San Fran a bunch of times and never seen it 😦

  6. I wish we had stopped by Ripleys while we were there..that would have be fun!! And no kidding about those hills. They remind my of Inception when the cities flip over on themselves..

  7. Good attitude!!! The stuff will dry 😀 I’m glad you’re getting to see so much. Want that frozen yogurt so badly!! Keep enjoying it!!!

  8. The Teenage Taste

    Oh my gosh! Those are some pretty crazy hills. I’d probably faint trying to run up them. Ouch.

    Glad you are having a fun trip, Cait!

  9. I can’t believe your stuff was all wet! 😦 Enjoy the trip, everything looks so beautiful!!

  10. You have such a good attitude about some things that would really upset people, way to be!

    I have NEVER seen a sidewalk that is stairs.. crazy!!

    I love all of the pictures; you and Justin look so RELAXED!

  11. Ahh looks like you are having a fab trip!! 🙂 Thats really crappy about the suitcase though?! Poor shoes! 😦 You should definitely chase the airline for compensation! Hope your return journey is a little better anyway!

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