Easy Snacks from Healthful Sense

Hi There!  I’m Lisa from Healthful Sense!

I’m excited to do this guest post for Cait while she’s outta town.

Today I’m sharing some amazing simple & satisfying snacks or mini meal ideas.  Every day is different for me — some days I eat 5-6 mini meals and other days I eat 3 meals + snacks.  On the 3 meal days, snacks are essential!  With breakfast typically around 6:30, lunch around noon, and dinner around 6, snacks help to keep my energy up during the LONG 6 hour windows between meals.

When choosing a snack, it’s important to choose foods that will satisfy your hunger, keep your energy levels up and your mind alert.  High carbohydrate snacks like plain cereal, crackers, and bread that are not combined with protein and fat have little effect on hunger and you may find yourself back in the kitchen looking for more food.  The most satisfying snacks are ones that combine protein + carbohydrate + healthy fat.

Here are my TOP 5 simple + satisfying snacks:

#1 PB + date krispy treat

These krispy treats contain a hunger zapping combination of carbs (dates) + protein/fat (peanut butter) plus other super healthy ingredients.

#2 Banana chia seed pudding (make a batch in the evening so that it’s ready-to-eat in the AM)

Chia seed pudding is one of my favorite mini meals or snacks.  I always feel satisfied after eating this combination of carbs (banana) + protein/fat (peanut butter & chia seeds).

#3 Banana slices (or date) + peanut butter

PB + bananas (or a date) is definitely my “go2” snack when I need something quick.  It’s the perfect pair of carbs (banana/date) + protein/fat (peanut butter).  I also love to pair a handful of almonds with an orange or an apple.

#4 Corn tortilla + LF shredded cheese + pineapple salsa

Hello!  These are amazing.  If you live near a Trader Joe’s you’re in luck.  Buy some corn tortillas, shredded low-fat cheese, avocados and some pineapple salsa.  Simply heat a corn tortilla with shredded cheese + salsa on a skillet and throw on some avocado slices!  This combo of carbs (corn tortillas) + protein/fat (cheese/avocado) will definitely satisfy your hunger.

#5 Greek yogurt with nuts & fruit

Greek yogurt is one of my favorite foods to have as a snack because it’s super high in protein.  Mix in some nuts + fruit (or make fun designs) and you’ve got yourself a satisfying combo of carbs (yogurt/fruit) + protein/fat (yogurt/nuts).

Do you have certain “go-to” snacks that leave you feeling satisfied and energized? 

Make sure to share them in the comments section so we can all get new snack ideas.

Thank You Cait for having me as a guest blogger!

♥ Lisa @ Healthful Sense

Hope to see ya’ll over at Healthful Sense soon!


12 responses to “Easy Snacks from Healthful Sense

  1. Banana + PB is the Romeo and Juliet of food!

  2. Hey Lisa! Greek yogurt is a mainstay in my house, but I’m also all about the PB and banana combo. My other go-to is a protein shake made in my magic bullet. Quick and easy post-workout refuel!

  3. Definitely banana & PB is my go to — especially now that I’ve gotten my hands on some White Chocolate Wonderful and Dark Chocolate Dreams PB!

  4. One of my favorite snacks is cottage cheese with fruit. Cottage cheese has SO much protein, and I love it, but I know not everyone does!

  5. If I made my greek yogurt that pretty I wouldn’t want to eat it!

  6. Hi Lisa! Nice to meet you! I loved all your snack ideas, some which I already use!

    My favorite go-to snack is usually nuts and dried fruit. Simple, but filling and give me a boost of energy!

  7. Hi Lisa,
    It is very nice to meet you… I love your snack ideas. Have a fantastic afternoon!
    Take care,

  8. This post is DELICIOUS! 😀

  9. Thanks for sharing the ideas. 🙂

  10. I say a big yes to all of this! 🙂 mm mmm! 🙂 I am all about the PB and banana combo and your date krispy treats look divine!

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