WIA — In San Francisco

Happy Wednesday! Hump day for all of you that are working (and for those who aren’t.. like me.. you probably don’t even know what day it is πŸ˜‰ )

There is no way I wanted to miss WIAW by Jenn – so I’ve compiled some of my eats while I’ve been out here in Cali!!

So – going away on vacation for me – does not meet giving up my healthy habits. Β I try to keep myself eating healthy – even while away and even if I have to eat out for many of my meals.

So – how do I stay healthy?! Β Well, the first thing that I did when we got to San Fran… was hit a up a local little market to pick up some essentials.

I knew that our room had a fridge.. and that there was a microwave available for use – so I could have Organic Instant Oats w/ a sliced banana and the protein powder that I brought from home for breakfast…

I had this oat mixture (here with Strawberries that I picked up at the Farmer’s Market..) for most breakfasts.. while Justin hit up Starbucks for bagels.

I also picked up some carrots – and some goldfish for snacking. Β Additionally, I had the chocolate cherry snacks, some (luna, clif, bora) bars, and a supply of apples as well.

Here are a few of my eats from when we have been out!

Yes, this is recycled.. sorry. They were just that good!

Steel Cut Oats made with water.. topped with fresh fruit (and I added Sun Warrior πŸ˜‰ )

A turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with lettuce and tomato from Working Girl’s Cafe

AMAZING Hummus Platter – Sun-dried Tomato Hummus, Kalamata Olive Hummus, and Traditional Hummus with cucumbers and flat bread for dipping:

Plain Grilled Veggies with Brown Rice – and a Balsamic Glaze Dipping Sauce on the side.. (Both of the above mentioned dishes were from Daily GrillΒ )

Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt from Ice Bee … on multiple occasions..

They may look the same.. but that is ONLY because it tasted SO good, I got the same thing both times! πŸ™‚

This is .. of course.. no where near ALL that I have eaten while in San Fran.. but I am not one to picture all of my meals!!

I do induldge as well.. don’t you worry! I just want to make sure that I keep myself energized and feeling like myself through the whole trip!

What do you do to keep your healthy life-style while on vacation!?


45 responses to “WIA — In San Francisco

  1. Love it! I know exactly where Working Girls Cafe is πŸ™‚ SO glad you’re loving San Francisco — what an amazing city! I’ve never participated in What I ate Wednesday, but I took pictures of what I ate today (just because they all looked pretty), so maybe I can do it! πŸ™‚

  2. So glad you’re loving all the food!! And I really hope you didn’t have to witness tonight’s Giant blow-out at AT&T park 😦

    Another great place to try is the Slanted Door in the Ferry Building for amazing modern Vietnamese with a view of the Bay – they have a to-go option called Out-The-Door there as well!

    • Oh yea.. we witnessed the 8 run first inning at AT&T park. It was kind of hilarious.. we were in awe of what was going on! We were just there to have a good time.. not a fan of either teams really.. (Yankee fans 100%) .. but LOVED the ballpark. There were so many awesome things that were done.. much more little events then at Yankee Stadium.

      Can’t wait to do my recap oni t!

  3. I am loving that hummus platter and fro yo! Looks like you’re getting lots of great eats while on vacation!!

  4. Girl, you know I am loving that froyo!
    I actually just wrote a post about traveling yesterday- the anxiety I feel with maintaining my health and the ways I prep! (Lots of packing of my own food πŸ™‚ )

    • I used to be very anxious.. on entire trips. And I was anxious before this trip too. But, while I was there.. I felt great. It took a little extra time to pick restaurants that had foods I would eat.. but it worked out great. I am so lucky to have a boyfriend that understands my needs so well.. and will always find something on any menu!

  5. lol i love that the ice breakers were part of your essentials!! everything looks so good! i love self serve fro yo!!

  6. The food is my favorite part about Cali! Hope you are having fun!!!

  7. I hit the grocery store or I make sure we got out to eat at places that have food I’m going to want to eat πŸ™‚ And lots of exercise- whether it’s through exploring or running around πŸ™‚

  8. That Hummus Platter looks AHHMAZING! I want that for lunch today! lol

    I usually bring healthy snacks and try my best to get in my veggies while indulging just a little. Or A lot!

  9. All that food looks delish!

    While on vacation (in offseason anyway!) I try to make better choices and remind myself that just becuase I’m eatingo ut doesnt mean I need to stuff myself! Healthy snacks and lots of fruits and veggies help too!

  10. Love that hummus plate. I do similar things as you do. Bring green tea, oats, and when we go out I stick to salads, veggie burgers, etc…

  11. I’m impressed with your vacation eats!!! I’m not good at sticking to healthy food when I’m out and about! Way to be prepared!

  12. How cool! I just did a post on eating + vacation! It seems like you did a much better job at staying healthy than me πŸ˜‰ I had dessert every day hahaha. I’m lovin all the oats! YUM!

  13. I am starting to worry a little about how I am going to maintain a healthy diet while we are in the Bahamas. The place we were staying had a gym…the place we are now staying does not. We will be doing a lot of snorkeling/swimming.. Running is not an option. I mean, it is, but it’s not particularly safe. Packing a bunch of food is not an option when traveling by personal boat. I know there is a grocery store, but, I don’t know how available fresh produce will be, much less how broke I will be after buying it. The groceries in the bahamas have always been outrageous, and fresh produce is probably worse. AH! I am planning on packing oatmeal bc that’s easy.. but anything else is a little worrisome.

    I’ve never had to worry about this before. Hm.

    • Don’t get yourself too worked up over it! You can definitely pack some protein bars (if you like them) in addition to the oats.. maybe some bagged nuts. If you go out to eat – there is usually ways you can work with the menu items to make them more healthy! I am not sure what it wil be able in the Bahamas but there were plenty of healthy options on the menus in SG.

  14. This post couldn’t have been more timely! I’m leaving for San Francisco tomorrow, and will be hitting up the grocery store today to stock up on essentials (bars, protein powder, dried fruit, nuts etc). Once I’m there, the first thing I’ll do is go to the grocery store and buy perishables like cottage cheese and veggies. However I just found out that the hotel I’ll be staying in does not provide refrigerators or microwaves in the rooms! My body isn’t happy when I eat every meal out. This means I’m going to have to get creative!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip! How much longer will you be in SF?

    • Hi Sara! I am actually home now! Where are you staying!
      I found that I didn’t use my fridge that much.. just for some carrots and a Kombucha that I bought. I wasn’t really in the room enough to sit down and have cottage cheese.. although I did almost buy some!

      You may be able to make oats using hot water from the lobby as well.. if they can heat water up for you!

      Enjoy your trip! Are you there for vaca?

  15. Yay enjoy!!!! so rocking that you still whipped up a post! you rock =)

    and that hummus platter has me oh-so jealous!!!! LOVE!

  16. Oh I miss Cali’s frozen yogurt now! Eat some for me!

  17. Hurray for frozen yogurt!

  18. What delicious and wonderfully healthy eats! Also such a great way to save money!

    I am all about bring snacks along with me and hitting up the grocery store. πŸ™‚

    So glad you’re having such a wonderful time! πŸ™‚

  19. A turkey sandwich sounds pretty good right now πŸ™‚

  20. I love self serve froyo!! Question. Can you sample it before you pay to make sure you like the flavor? I feel like they might look upon that as cheating but I’d like to think I could do it. I love the look of that hummus plate.
    When I’m away, I always try to go shopping to buy staples like fruits and veggies and healthy grains.

  21. Look at all that produce! I’m jealous! I’m also VERY jealous that you are in California.

  22. I just make sure to eat as best as I can, but also enjoy a treat if the occasion arises. πŸ™‚

  23. I love hummus platters! Looks like a great place to eat! =)

  24. So jealous! πŸ™‚
    I want to go somewhere cool like that!


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  26. I have visited San Fran many times, my boyfriend went to MBA school there, and I never had a problem sticking to a healthy diet! They have so many great restaurants with fresh, local food that it was easy to eat out, guilt free! πŸ™‚

  27. I just found you from WIAW. I was recently in San Fran and it was really fun to read this. I love how you plan your eats for traveling. I do a really poor job of that. I’m traveling again soon and need to remember to pack better.

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