San Fran: Wine Country and Muir Woods

I am home. I am sad. I loved San Francisco – and I loved California!  In our 5 day trip, I feel like we were able to see an awful lot! We were constantly on the go – trying to make the most out of our time (and made it easy to fall asleep as SOON as our heads hit the pillow!)

After a long day of traveling (lay over in Utah.. arriving back to the condo .. at 1:30 .. and still not sleeping right now at 3:00am gaaah) .. I must say it does feel good to be home.  I have missed you all so dearly – and look forward to spending today responding to comments.. and catching up on all of YOUR blogs!  Goodness, I have missed the blog world!

While I did work out every day while I was on vacation (30-60 minutes before Justin woke up in the morning in a SMALL gym at our hotel), I am also stoked to get back into my fitness routine. and lift some weights after getting some rest!

So – I am going to recap our trip in sections!  You’ve already seen tons of pictures from some sites we saw in San Francisco – which were absoltely amazing! I don’t want to photo over-load you .. so today we are going to take a look at Wine Country and Muir Woods!

My father told me that there was only one way to experience wine country – in a convertible!

Obvi we had the top down while driving.. this was taken at our first stop..

So, Justin and I rented this Spider convertible for the day!  We were ballin’ 😉 .

We started up through Napa Valley … and saw GORGEOUS LAND!  I really never had any idea of how many hills – and mountains were in California.

When I got to thinking about it – it actually made a lot of sense.. since the areas we explored were Napa VALLEY .. and then Sonoma VALLEY. Clearly valleys are surrounded by mountains. ( I swear I have my master’s degree….)

Unfortunately – Justin and I did not realize that we had to make legit reservations to take tours .. so we didn’t tour any wineries. But – the views were enough in and of themselves!

To get from Napa Valley to Sonoma Valley – we drove through was is called “The Petrified Forest”.

Well – I am not sure what is petrifying in the forest .. but I was petrified driving over the mountain that separated the two valleys.  The roads were extremly narrow.. and very VERY curvy.. very SHARP curves.

When the road ended .. um.. so did the land. So, If you happen to drive off the road.. chances are you’d plumit to your death.

Yeah. That did not settle with me too well.  My heart was in my throat – and I felt like Justin was driving WAY to close to the side of the road (although in reality, I know it is just the perception from the passenger seat. )

Whatever. We made it through, I calmed down.  LOVED seeing Napa and Sonoma.

On the way back to San Fran -I asked Justin to get off the exit marked.. Muir Woods.. I wanted to see the red woods.

So .. we followed the sign. If I though the narrowness, curviness, and plumitting death possibilities were strong out in wine country – I had NO idea what I was in for traveling to Muir Woods.

HOLY DEATHDIFYING! I must have told Justin how strongly I regretted the decision to check out Muir woods 50 times (in the 20 min trip there).  I was a passanger seat driver for sure.. telling him to slow down.. move over.. and the like. OFTEN. (Sorry babe!)

Some areas had wooden rails.. which made me feel al little safer.

To make things even better.. I was not expecting to stop here.. and my flimsy sandals would not do well making the 2 mile walk from the first available parking space to the entrance of the park. So .. I didn’t even get to hug a big redwood!

SO.. we drove down.. and drove right back out.

The scariest part was that poritions of the road were blocked. closed.. because the road was legit caving in. I mean.. what if the road started to cave in WHILE we were driving on it!?

Justin told me to close my eye. But I said that I would like to know if my death was coming.. so I kept them open.

We did not tumble to our death (obviously.. or else you would not be able to hear of my experiences…)  and I was more then happy to see this!

And drive right back over the Golden Gate.. and into San Fran!

Am I a little over dramatic?!  Most definitely.  Was I scared?!  Yes.  Do I feel bad for what I put Justin through as his passenger?! Yes.  My  mother feels bad for him too 🙂 .

So – tell me – have you ever been a (driver or passenger) on roads that may have appeared a little dangerous to you?  How do you react?!  Over dramatic.. like me.. or are you as cool as a cucumber?!


27 responses to “San Fran: Wine Country and Muir Woods

  1. Oh wow your trip looks awesome! I’ve definitely been a passenger on roads that appear a little dangerous and then I tend to become bossy- “don’t do this…be careful” kind of stuff haha

  2. It is almost sad how nervous I get when driving on winding, narrow roads. I’m rarely the driver, but I think it is worse as the passenger. While I was in Costa Rica the roads were narrow, hilly, and the cab drivers did not provide the smoothest ride. I’m pretty sure I was white knuckling the seat the entire ride and I closed my eyes at one point.

    Glad you had a great vacation and came back in one piece!

  3. OMG – you had quite the adventure!

    I’m sad you didn’t get to do any tastings. There are a few you can walk in and do, but I bet it’s hard in the high season. You have to go back! 🙂

  4. Yeah.. we figured there were places that would.. we stopped at a couple and just observed. Neither of us are huge drinkers, either.. so we reallt were just enoying the ride and the great land!

  5. Gorgeous pics! Getting a convertible is an awesome idea.

  6. I am so glad you are back! The pictures are beautiful! I would love to visit there one day!
    take care,

  7. Glad you had a great time in California! =D
    Cant wait for your upcoming blog posts =)

  8. That looks like such a great experience. I’d love to go there!

  9. I’m so jealous of your trip! San Francisco looks beautiful!!
    Where my family is from in Italy the streets there are very narrow and tight. And you’re always on a mountain! When you first see them, you wouldn’t think they were meant to be 2 lanes! lol!

    • Yikes. I don’t know where these anxieties came from.. but I don’t like them.. and don’t think I will be traveling in seemingly single laned italian roads, either!

  10. Love your pictures. You sound like my mom with the driving, she is terrified of narrow roads & cliffs and ends up on the floor of the car so she doesn’t have to see it while driving! it’s quite a site!

  11. Woah you were BALLIN in that convertible! The photos are gorgeous 🙂

  12. I love the roads in Cali although they are a bit crazy. And i just heart wine country…it’s the way to go…not this boring CT way. Ah well.

  13. Yeah, some of those California roads are crazy! I love Napa it’s so pretty!

  14. Driving down (or up!) the Mt. Washington auto road in NH is definitely some of the scariest sh!t ever – no guardrails!

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  16. Glad you had such a wonderful trip! (You seriously got the best weather we’ll probably have all year!) 🙂

    • I could not believe how beautiful it was. You live in an AWESOME place. Thanks for all your tips.. it ended up being really hard to schedule stuff and we kind of just went with the flow!

      I foudn it funny how people were talking about how hot it was. It was so refreshing to me!

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