San Fran: Witnessing History

My father made me aware yesterday that Justin and I witnessed a piece of history while we were in San Francisco.

At first I just laughed a long… figuring it was a joke that I just did not get (that happens to me.. a lot). But he kept saying it. So I finally asked him what he meant.

To which he said.. “The game!”

Then it all made sense.

Justin and I love going to baseball games. We are 100% Yankee fans through and through, but took the opportunity to venture to AT&T Park to see the SF Giants take on the Minnesota Twins (Go figure.. we have seen the Yankees play the Twins 2 or 3 times.. couldn’t they be playing someone else…).

I thought this place was awesome before we even got there.  Why? Well.. it was $35 a ticket. for seats that were 18 rows back from the field on the first base line.  If we tried to get those tickets to a Yankee game, they would be well over $100 a pop.

I am surprised at the low cost of the tickets – espeically since the Giants won the World Series last year!

Anywho.. we arrived early .. (because we are early for everything) and explored the ball park.. snapped some pictures. (Yes, we are sporting SF Giant gear. The hat on my head.. and the T-shirt Justin is wearing.. were only 10$ inside the ballpark. ANOTHER STEAL!)

To avoid being a nuissance to the people sitting near us (who ended up being NO ONE, I ate my dinner before the game started.)

Yes, I bought a salad before entering the park. Sorry – Ballpark HotDogs don’t do it for me. And this salad was much cheaper then anything I could have bought inside the stadium anyway.

As time went by, I fell even more in love with this stadium.  They had SO many fun things going on. And to melt my heart even more.. they had a class of kindergarteners sing the National Anthem!

This group of 6 year old sang the best rendition of the National Anthem I have ever heard (regardless of how off tune it was.. and how many words they got wrong). Watch out Christina Aguilera.. these Kindergarteners are coming at ya!

Then the whole witnessing history thing began.

He had a BAD day

In the first inning, Minnesota managed to get 8 straight hits. They scored 8 runs. In one inning. Off of one pitcher.  That pitcher.. had to leave the game in the first inning. When the score was 8-0. Guess he was having a bad day.

It is too bad I didn’t take this picture AFTER history was made. At this point, it was only 6-0.

Justin and I were pretty amused.  We did not stay the whole game.. because 1 it was a blow out.. and 2 we walked.. A LOT.. earlier in the day.. which I will tell you  more about another day so we wanted to go to sleep. (Yes, we are party animals!)

But while we were there – they had people throwing free t-shirts.. the mascot driving through the stadium throwing free pizza to people.. a man with a rocket pack on his back walking around selling Ghiardelli Hot Chocolate with whipped cream..

I opted to munch on some of these:

And loved every second of it.

So. There you have the exciting little piece of history that I witnessed. Amazing, huh?  Something I am certianly going to tell my kids about 😉 .

Well, if I forget about it (which I probably will.. like… after I hit publish..) then I am sure Justin will tell them!

Have you ever witnessed a piece of history?

Do you like attending professional sporting games?  What is your favorite? Justin and I are headed to a Yankee game on July 8th.. super excited for that one too

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Still more to come.. Alcatraz, Fitness, and some amazing views! 🙂

9 responses to “San Fran: Witnessing History

  1. Yay a Yankee fan from the divided state of CT! 🙂

  2. I was in town for the game the next night (I’m from socal, but was visiting family), and we came back and kicked butt! Go Giants!!! I know I’m biased, but it really is the best park.

  3. I didn’t personally witness the game, but I was in San Fran when they won the Series last year. The whole town went NUTS!!

  4. Holly @ pink runner

    Yankees!!!!!!! ❤

  5. I love going to baseball games.. they feel so American! I like the pictures of you and Justin and you with the hat haha.. adorable 🙂

    I like to be early for everything too!

  6. I like Basketball games. Just my preference. 🙂

  7. I’m so glad you and Justin were able to experience AT&T Park! The views of the bay are amazing, and it sounds like you picked a pretty historic game to go to!

    I love that a kindergarten class sang the National Anthem! So cute!

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