Anyone Out There??!

Yes, I haven’t put up a post in least 3 months.  Yes, you are looking at a completely different blog because I didn’t want to continue paying for my self hosted blog when I never even used it anymore.

You will also notice that there are absolutely NO posts from the past two years.  I let my self-hosted blog expire before attempting to retrieve any of those posts and I don’t even know if retrieving them is possible anymore.

I can also tell you that I may post… regularly…again in 3 more months… or never again.  It will all depend on what is going on with my life.

In case you were wondering what is going on with my life – there are two big things that outshine them all… well one semi-shiny thing and one super-shiny thing.

Semi-Shiny:  We are moving. TODAY.  Well, we are moving out today. We are saying goodbye to the first place we owned, our previous little condo – that is home to many find memories.  I will miss the memories – but not the space.  950 square feet isn’t bad for Justin, Colby and myself.. which brings me to super-shiny.


Justin and I are expecting twins!!!  You may have seen something via instagram/facebook.  If not, this is news to you!  I am almost 18 weeks along – and will have these babies no later January 8! (38 weeks).  I am considering blogging about my pregnancy but I do not know if will be able to commit to weekly posts – since I have no idea what my energy or schedule will be like upon returning to work!


So – if you are still are in someway subscribed, I’m shocked! Maybe you will get another post. Maybe.


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