Banana Life


Hi! 🙂

I’m Cait – a 25 year old fitness die-hard trying to balance life as a fresh, young lady in a crazy banana world.  I am a recent 3 years out of college and am in my first year as an elementary school teacher.  I have a strong desire to create an equal education for all children regardless of race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.  Sadly, the state of Connecticut is home to the LARGEST achievement gap in the nation.  I work hard every day to try and close that gap and (when I am not overwhelmed and stressed to the max) love every little piece of my job!


While teaching my kiddos does take up a large portion of my time, it by no means consumes my life.  In August of last year, my boyfriend, Justin and I purchased our first place.  (Yes, purchased.. we are crazy!)  We have done a lot of updates since our purchase and are continuing with new fun projects all the time. And by we, I mean I … manual labor and handyman work is not Justin’s forte. Kidding.. he has done so much and has taken every opportunity to learn things from his dad.  I am so grateful for all of his hard work around here … more then he knows 😉 .. It is crazy to see all of the changes that we’ve made in 8 short months!  To see these changes.. and learn more about the ROLLERCOASTER of emotions that came along with our home buying experience, click here.


While the kitchen is not one of the rooms we have gotten around the upgrading, I still do my best to be creative.  I like trying new foods ( mostly inspired by all of YOU out there in the blog world) and can’t wait to show you all some of my great successes…. and massive failures… in the kitchen!  If you couldn’t tell by the title of my blog, bananas are one of my favorite foods. Ever. I eat at least one every single day.

But do not worry, my recipes are BEYOND BANANAS.. and you can check them out here!  I update them regularly!

I adore my family – and my friends.  My mother and father are my biggest fans – my older brother Michael is the most kind and generous person that I have ever met.  He would seriously do anything for me.  The three of them  – and many of my great friends – have stuck by my side through some difficult times in my life. I am forever grateful for the kindness, support, and understanding.

Learning about the bloggers I follow is one of the most fascinating parts of the blog world.  It is all of you.. who inspired me to create my own blog. To document my life.. the success, struggles, triumphs.. even failures.  You can visit my blogroll to see where I get my inspiration from.. every day!

If you would like to know more, shoot me an email or leave a comment! beyondbananas [at] ymail [dot] com

So … let’s recap. Banana Life is basically consumed by the following:

  • Justin
  • family
  • teaching
  • mini condo projects
  • fitness
  • having fun in the kitchen

22 responses to “Banana Life

  1. Ahhhh you and your boy are *so* cute! I can’t wait to have my own place one of these days… it’s a dream of mine!! Can’t wait to read more of your bloggy-blog. So glad you found me!!

  2. Cute blog 🙂 looking forward to more mini condo projects

  3. Hi!

    I found your blog via Natalia’s and am really looking forward to reading more! 🙂

  4. What a gorgeous photo of you and your bf…and Connecticut? I am quite jealous! I love the East Coast and can’t wait to move back one of these days!

    • Connecticut does have its perks.. especially the changes of the seasons.. foliage is truly beautiful here. I always complain – say I am tired of the long cold winters.. but I am still here! So I don’t think I will be going anywhere anytime soon!

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  6. I am not U.S Geography savvy…where is Connecticut in the east? Close to NY or more central? Sounds beautiful 🙂

    • Connecticut boarders New York – to the north and to the East. It is the third smallest state.. behind Rhode Island and Deleware! We boarder water.. but it is the Long Island Sound.. so no waves at our beaches! 🙂

  7. I love how your pages are set up!!!

  8. cait, this sounds like a blast. What a great recap of your life at the moment! Thanks for sharing and blogging!

  9. I love experimenting in the kitchen! Keep up the good work 🙂

  10. Just stumbled across your blog- Excited to read more 🙂 My name is cait too :)!!

  11. another stumbler onto your blog =) i’m considering pursuing education in Connecticut too and you are so right about the achievement issues!! good luck with your goals, i’m sure you’ll do great by the kids, if how you treat yourself is any indication!

  12. Hey girl! Just found your blog via MegaNerdRuns, and saw that you commented about being a teacher on her most recent post. I’m a teacher too, and just wanted to say HEY and I love your blog! Hope your 1st year of teaching is going great, and enjoy the end of the school year…and get ready for a GREAT summer off! 🙂

    • Hi Amy!!! I am so glad you came across my blog! Love meeting other teachers! My first year has been awesome. I had a fabulous group of kids and enjoyed it so much! How long have you been teaching/what grade do you teach??

  13. Hi I love your blog and your mission, you seem like such a wonderful lady!! You are truly inspiring!

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