Banana Runs

I am passionate about fitness.  It is the most natural mood booster/enhancer that I’ve experienced!  Nothing compares to the uplifting feeling I get after completing a hard and satisfying work out!

What do I do to keep active and healthy?  I am willing to try anything.  My fave cardio activity is running. Thanks to the blog world, I’ve been inspired to begin my racing career.  I love to run and I am extremly competitive.  I have yet to merge the two, however.  That is going to change very shortly – as I’ve signed up for my first 10k (May 1st – woot woot!)

While I love to break a sweat with a nice long run, I have come to love weight training – more specifically – circuit training!  Several stations of 60 seconds are designed to work targeted muscle groups.  The combination of plyometrics, cardio, and lifting provide the ultimate burn!  I have been doing circuit training for almost a year now and am more than impressed in the transformation that I have seen my body go through.  I am more toned then ever and have truly leaned out all of my muscle (even my thunder thighs from years of playing soccer… well those have somewhat leaned out).

There are so many places that an active lifestyle can take you .. first and foremost – to old age.  Taking care of your body – mentally, physically, emotionally … and everything in between is the key to a happy life.  For me, exercise is my therapy in all of those arenas.  There is no better pick me up!



11 responses to “Banana Runs

  1. Killer abs! Congrats on signing up for your first 10K. I’ve done some 5s and want to work up to a 10 as well.

  2. Hi Cait! I couldn’t agree more about exercise being the best natural mood enhance! Running is my exercise of choice and I love it. Good luck on your race May 1st! You are going to have a blast.

  3. Dang! You hott girl with KILLER abs and toned everywhere!!! I love these pics of you!!

  4. Ah, I still need to work on my thunder thighs haha. You do look amazing though!! Keep up the good work!

  5. Wow girl you are so TONED! I’m uber jealous of your abs. You’re so pretty, and I completely agree that fitness isn’t just looking good, it’s feeling good and knowing how great it is for your body!

  6. You are beautifully toned, girl! What kind of circuit training do you do…gym, video, homemade?

    • I do circuit training at a gym.. its a group fitness class. Well – I used to do it via a class. I took this class for almost a year.. but then moved to my own condo.. about an hour away. So, I go when I visit my parents. But, I used all of the moves, techniques, and combos I learned, and now do them on my own at the gym or in my living room!

  7. you are gorgeous. wish i had abs like that!!

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