Baking For Boobies – WINNERS!





I completed my first online bake sale!! I would say it was pretty successful! I am so grateful for those who donated goods – and those who donated dollas!

You are all simply amazing and your time, effort, skills, and money are greatly appreciated.  All of your comments and kind words truly warmed my heart!!!

Winners! 🙂

Jenny’s Package (Chia Seed & Lara Bar Package): $20 – JEN

Kathleen’s Biscotti: – $15 JEN

Cait’s Choco Nana Cookies: $28 DEVON

Sam’s Oatmeal Cookies: $18 – MICHELLE

Katy’s Coconut Almond Granola: $15 – JESSICA

Kristen’s San Fran Dark Chocolate: $15 – JESSICA

CCK Inspired Cherry Blondies: $29 – STEPH

Cait’s Trader Joe Faves: $20 – ANDREA

Jena’s Package (Mama Pea Inspired Recipe, Running Hat): $60 DEVON



And – I a very generous donor has contacted me via normal conversation in the living room – and is going to make a $15 dollar donation to our team (on to of the OTHER donations he has made to the cause) for each of the items that were not bid upon!

Who am I talking about.. well… none other then JUSTIN!!!

So – Fishy Face Designs Bundle of Joy: JUSTIN – $15

Kathleen’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels: JUSTIN – $15

Alexis’ Pumpkin Bread in a Jar: JUSTIN – $15


Grand Total Raised During Bake Sale For Boobies: $265!!


I am THRILLED. Thank you all SO much.


Want to DONATE?!  Click here!!






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