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Back To Life..Back to Reality

I am kind of back to reality.

By reality.. I  mean home. Because summer is not really reality for a teacher I suppose.


By reality.. I mean cooking my own breakfast…

Oh yes.  You see that properly. I did not have oats this morning. I had oats every morning on vacation.. and was not feeling a hot bowl of oats today.  Instead, I had some egg whites, spinach, broccoli, and salsa.  This delicious egg connection was accompanied by Kiwi and Ezekiel Bread with Cranberry Apple Butter.


By reality .. I mean getting back to the gym.

After hanging around waiting for a phone call until about noon, I was finally off to the gym. I was so excited to have all of the equipment that I desired at my fingertips.

Todays cardio workout looked like this:

In 32 minutes, I covered 4.12 miles. I pushed it really hard at the end and felt amazing.

Then, it was time to hit the weights.  I did 2 sets of each of these exercises

  • Around the world lunges (with curls, presses and tris)
  • Sumo Squats with curls
  • Over the Head Russian Twists (Standing)
  • Firemen Squats
  • Side Bends/Windmills
  • Flys on Bench
  • Chest Press
  • 25’s (ab crunches with weights on stomach)
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Plank (60 seconds)
What a great burn! I was feeling more then great when I walked out of the gym. Felt great to be back!

By reality, I mean no more sunny skies.. humidity free 70 degree days.

California weather was amazing.

Connecticut weather.. is not.

It has been raining all day. At times.. torrential down pours.  It began pouring while I was at the gym. I was wearing a white tank top.

After sprinting to the car, my tank top was no longer white.. but rather see-through. Good thing I was wearing a bright yellow sports bra.


By reality, I mean a trip to the grocery store in said pouring rain.

When you return from vacation… well.. there is no food in the house (Not much worth eating, anyway).  All of our perishable items that had the possibility of stinking up the fridge while we were gone were tossed.

No fresh fruits. No fresh veggies. Nothing for lunch.

Despite my state of wetness, I sat in the parking lot at the gym for a good 10 minutes debating in my head whether I should go home and put a dry (not white) shirt on.  I eventually decided to go to the store. (Who wants to go back home.. then back out.. when they are already out. Sorry. I am too lazy for that).

I went to my favorite store:

And came home with some bananas, carrots, apples, egg white salad, more ezekiel bread, peanut butter, apple sauce.. and my favorite snack bar.. PURE BARS!


These bars are really one of my FAVORITE snacks.  Trader Joes sells the chocolate brownie and the cherry cashew.. and these are so tasty. I could probably eat them every day if I wanted!


By reality, I mean eating my all time favorite lunch..prepared by me..not by someone else!


As you know, I’ve been eating out quite often. But being home, means making my own breakfast, lunch and dinner again!  This makes a happy Cait!

Today’s lunch was a usual lunch consumed at home:

Turkey, Apples, Mozzerlla, Mustard on Ezekial, 1/2 Banana with PB, Other 1/2 of apple, and some carrots (with extra PB).

HIT THE SPOT!  I missed this lunch while I was away.


 By reality, I mean massive loads of laundry.. washing, folding, the whole 9 yards.

This.. is just my laundry from the trip. I washed everything. Even if it wasn’t worn. (Especially since it was all soaked at some point).

I am not ignoring Justin – but he was a trooper and actually went to WORK today – and didn’t do anything with his suitcase. Some of his shirts go to the cleaners.. so I will let him tell me what needs to be washed.

I decided to throw ALL of the unfolded laundry on the bed – so I have to fold it before going to bed.

When Justin came home from work.. exhausted and feeling sick.. he moved the clothes to my dresser to take a nap.  I asked if it could occupy a small corner of the bed .. so I could follower through with my plan.

He let me because he is such a great guy! Woke up, I folded. And MADE myself put it away too – or else it would have just sat there.. perhaps for the next month.

By reality.. I mean lots of mail.. with lots of goodies!

Justin and I forgot to put a stop on our mail. WOOPS.

But thats okay.. because we were able to see everything that came while we were gone at 3AM instead of having to go to the post office to pick it up!!

In the mail – was this beautiful necklace from LISA @ Fishyface Design.

This is the necklace that was up for grabs during the Baking for Boobies sale.. that Justin donated to win!


I also received these yummy probiotic bars from Annelies at Attune Foods.  I am going to eat one every day for 2 weeks – in hopes of helping out some digestive issues that I have been battling for quite some time now!

I will be giving a full review of the product once I finish them – and will also explain a little more about my ongoing battle with my stomach!


I also want to give a special shout out and a HUGE thank you to Lisa @ Healthy Diaries, Lisa @ Healthful Sense, Laura @ Sprint to the Table,  Char @ Char on a Mission, and Vivianne @ Greek Yogurt  for their AWESOME guest posts! I know I sure loved reading them all – and I know that you can all agree with me! Very fortuante to have such lovely blog friends to help me out while I am traveling 🙂


SO – How do you snap back to reality after being away?! I guess I do it in a pretty boring way 🙂

** Hope you checked out my recap of Muir Woods/Wine Country ... will be posting more tomorrow afternoon .. after my FOODIE FRIDAY post in the morning…**



Greetings from 40,000 feet!

No. I wish I had this view. Its dark now.

Sadly.. we should be 3/4 of the way to San Francisco right now.. but the truth of the matter is – we just took off 😦

Some terrible storms in the New York area created some MAJOR delays.  In all honestly – we are lucky to even be in the air.  The plane we were orignally supposed to be on had to take a detour and land in Allentown, PA.. but for some reason, there was an extra plane hanging out at the airport.. and we got to use it.

Good news is – we are in the air and on our way!

Our trip to the airport did not lend to the delays that were in-sight, however.

I was able to leave school as soon as my kiddies were dismissed.. came home, ate lunch.. and jumped in the car!

Wrinkled Much?!

Upon arriving – there were NO lines at the Delta check in.

We grabbed some seats.. with some SUNSHINE

And then I headed out to find some eats to bring on the plane. I did bring snacks.. but I knew I would need something a little more substantial.

I was actually very impressed by the healthy options that were available in the Delta terminal.  I decided on getting some veggies with hummus:

And a turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes and mustard.

I was not impressed, however, by the small hole these two items burned in my pocket.. totaling $15.00.

Eh. Whatever. It is airport food.. pricey goods are expected.

I am not one to sit still – so on my next walk around.. I grabbed these:

Oooh goodness gracious.  These are little pieces of heaven. I’ve never had Godiva Pearls before.. but they are the perfect cure for a sweet tooth. (Especially since you can eat 8 little pieces for 25 calories! 🙂 )

Soon enough.. the clouds rolled in.

Then the rain.

Followed by thunder, lightning.. the whole nine yards.

Then there were numerous gate changes.. that had us running around the airport. (I think we may have covered 3 miles!)

Finally, we planted at a gate. And were accompanied by this little boy:

He was NOT intmidated by people. He only left the ground once. He also would not stay still so I could not get a good picture!

While waiting – I wandered once more. I spotted some Synergy.. but just couldn’t buy it.

Seriously?! That is outrageous. Water will do me JUST fine, thanks.

We boarded the plane about two hours late.

And then the pilot told us we would be waiting at least an hour to take off.. because there was such a long line of planes that needed to get out.

Sad Justin.

Sad Cait.

But now – we are good to go. The best part is – we aren’t really missing anything due to the delay.  Granted – we won’t arrive to our hotel until sometime after midnight in PST (umm.. 3am EST.. yikes) .. but we will only be missing sleeping time. Nothing more.


My blogging will be rather inconsistent for the next couple of days. But – I have some AMAZING ladies guesting for you! I will check in when I can – but plan to enjoy  my vacation to the fullest!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

What was one of the worst traveling experiences you have ever had?! I know this wasn’t terrible… but it wasn’t perfect either!

Over My Head In…

PAPERWORK.. all sorts of it..

Grading, testing, report cards, permanent records.  I mean, I knew the end of the school year would be quite busy.. but I never realized just HOW MUCH would need to be done!

Good news is – I woke up this morning feeling MUCH better than I have for the past few days…

So thank you all for your well wishes.. I am pretty sure they had everything to do with me getting better (seriously.. kind words do a lot!)

Upon arriving to school, sipping on my iced tea..

And opening my work email…

I became a little overwhelmed. With all of the “THINGS YOU NEED TO DO BY 2PM TODAY.. BY TOMORROW.. BY FRIDAY.. BY MONDAY. Yowzers. Holy deadlines.

So, like any normal person would do, I closed my email tab.. and enjoyed my oaties.

Can’t throw myself into a bunch of paper work before being FUELED for the day, now can we?!

Then, I got to work. First up – going through the work my kids did yesterday. A little difficult. But made my way through.

Today was a testing day – in the morning my students (and the rest of the school) took 2 60 minute tests.  (One in reading and one in math).  It assesses the progress they have made since the beginning of the year.  I was very thankful for this, because I was able to DIVE into my report cards…

Annnd.. I finished them. So I can knock one thing off of my list..

Another thing that needs to be done ..  is the removal of EVERYTHING off of the classroom walls. We were told to do this IN CASE they decide to paint the walls.

Word on the street.. is that everyone takes EVERYTHING down.. every year.. and the walls never get painted. So – I began wall removal:

My room looks so sad, bare and lonely without anything on the walls!

Regardless, I feel like I knocked a decent amount of things off of my to-do list today 🙂

Moving on to my extra curricular activities..

Remember when I was having trouble figuring out how I can mix of my fitness routines – since all I want to do is be outside in the sun.. and the glorious weather?

Welp, I answered my own question…


HUMIDITY. Yes. humidity and super hot temperatures will certainly help me get my butt to the gym to do some cross training and strength training.

Thats what happened today. It was hot. It was humid. I was sweating while sitting at a picnic table.. in the shade.. at recess. Air conditioned gym.. YES PLEASE!

I did 40 minutes of strength training – concentrating in my legs (lots of lunges, squats.. ) and rounded out my session with 30 minutes on the elliptical. After a 5 minute warm-up, I did 20 minutes of HIIT – and the cooled down for 5 more minutes.

Today’s work out was SUPER different from all my other workouts. I ALWAYS do my cardio first. But I reversed it today. Mainly because I could lift in a the group fitness room ( my fave place) if I did that portion of my workout first (if I had waited, a class would have been going on).

It wasn’t so bad – but my legs were definitely a little bit more fatigued then usual during my cardio… for obvious reasons.

After coming home, I munched on some dark chocolate chips. I mean.. thats a great post-workout meal.. RIGHT?!

And .. for dinner, I ‘ve been craving stuffed peppers.  Stuffed peppers are another meal that remind me of my childhood… just like the sloppy joes. I loved it when we had stuffed peppers for dinner. So tonight, using Mama Pea’s delicious recipe, I made some of my own. I used a red pepper – and it was stuffed with quinoa, tomato sauce, onion, spices.

Thank you, Mama Pea.. for this delicious recipe. I will certainly be having this again.. soon 🙂

So, tell me – Do you do cardio first.. or strength training?  What do you think is best?!

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