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Over My Head In…

PAPERWORK.. all sorts of it..

Grading, testing, report cards, permanent records.  I mean, I knew the end of the school year would be quite busy.. but I never realized just HOW MUCH would need to be done!

Good news is – I woke up this morning feeling MUCH better than I have for the past few days…

So thank you all for your well wishes.. I am pretty sure they had everything to do with me getting better (seriously.. kind words do a lot!)

Upon arriving to school, sipping on my iced tea..

And opening my work email…

I became a little overwhelmed. With all of the “THINGS YOU NEED TO DO BY 2PM TODAY.. BY TOMORROW.. BY FRIDAY.. BY MONDAY. Yowzers. Holy deadlines.

So, like any normal person would do, I closed my email tab.. and enjoyed my oaties.

Can’t throw myself into a bunch of paper work before being FUELED for the day, now can we?!

Then, I got to work. First up – going through the work my kids did yesterday. A little difficult. But made my way through.

Today was a testing day – in the morning my students (and the rest of the school) took 2 60 minute tests.  (One in reading and one in math).  It assesses the progress they have made since the beginning of the year.  I was very thankful for this, because I was able to DIVE into my report cards…

Annnd.. I finished them. So I can knock one thing off of my list..

Another thing that needs to be done ..  is the removal of EVERYTHING off of the classroom walls. We were told to do this IN CASE they decide to paint the walls.

Word on the street.. is that everyone takes EVERYTHING down.. every year.. and the walls never get painted. So – I began wall removal:

My room looks so sad, bare and lonely without anything on the walls!

Regardless, I feel like I knocked a decent amount of things off of my to-do list today 🙂

Moving on to my extra curricular activities..

Remember when I was having trouble figuring out how I can mix of my fitness routines – since all I want to do is be outside in the sun.. and the glorious weather?

Welp, I answered my own question…


HUMIDITY. Yes. humidity and super hot temperatures will certainly help me get my butt to the gym to do some cross training and strength training.

Thats what happened today. It was hot. It was humid. I was sweating while sitting at a picnic table.. in the shade.. at recess. Air conditioned gym.. YES PLEASE!

I did 40 minutes of strength training – concentrating in my legs (lots of lunges, squats.. ) and rounded out my session with 30 minutes on the elliptical. After a 5 minute warm-up, I did 20 minutes of HIIT – and the cooled down for 5 more minutes.

Today’s work out was SUPER different from all my other workouts. I ALWAYS do my cardio first. But I reversed it today. Mainly because I could lift in a the group fitness room ( my fave place) if I did that portion of my workout first (if I had waited, a class would have been going on).

It wasn’t so bad – but my legs were definitely a little bit more fatigued then usual during my cardio… for obvious reasons.

After coming home, I munched on some dark chocolate chips. I mean.. thats a great post-workout meal.. RIGHT?!

And .. for dinner, I ‘ve been craving stuffed peppers.  Stuffed peppers are another meal that remind me of my childhood… just like the sloppy joes. I loved it when we had stuffed peppers for dinner. So tonight, using Mama Pea’s delicious recipe, I made some of my own. I used a red pepper – and it was stuffed with quinoa, tomato sauce, onion, spices.

Thank you, Mama Pea.. for this delicious recipe. I will certainly be having this again.. soon 🙂

So, tell me – Do you do cardio first.. or strength training?  What do you think is best?!

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The Final Countdown

Yes. It has begun. I almost have an entire school year under my belt. It is really hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly.

In fact, this time last year, I still didn’t even know if I would HAVE a full-time teaching job for the 2010-2011 school year.  I did not get the call from my now principal until June 11.  Yes. I remember the exact date.  It was quite a memorable time for me.

I had been waiting for the phone call.. for weeks now. My demo lesson was in the first week of May – and was told I would hear in 3-4 weeks. Um. It was more then 4 weeks. AND once I hit the 4 week mark, I got super nervous.

But then – that night.. June 11.. I was standing in the kitchen in chatting with my mother.. and my phone rang. It was the school. “Omigod, Omigod, OMigod… it’s them, it’s them, it’s them..”

When I received my offer.. I was legit jumping up and down like a mad woman (landing a quietly as possible because I was still on the phone, of course)…

And as soon as I ended the call.. the waterworks began. It was SO emotional for me. It isn’t the best job market for teachers.. budgets being cut every year and what not.. Not too many schools are on the hunt for new hires.  It was a big deal.. (mind you Justin and I were in the middle of our house hunting… and the permanent second income.. meant SO much..)

I am pretty sure everyone in my family had tears in their eyes, too!  It was a very emotional and joyous occasion for all of us!

So – with that in mind – I want to soak up and ENJOY every last day of my FIRST YEAR.. because nothing will ever be quite like it..

You better believe I had those white capris out the day after Memorial Day!

I started off my day with the usual:

Overnight Oats with Berries…

I was then given an oh-so-lovely gift by one of my students this morning:

I mean.. how did she KNOW that I can get a little crazy when it comes to jelly beans.  To stop myself from eating an entire bag by Friday – I have decided that these will be jellybeans to share with the entire class ( me included.. I AM a part of the class after all…)

I also got back into one of my favorite snacks that has so many health benefits:

Yummy Grapefruit!

By recess time, I was seriously debating whether or not I should wait until like 6 or 7 to run.. since it was super hot and humid.. but ultimately, I decided I just needed to go as soon as I got home.

Since it was sunny and I need to protect my eyes and skin.. I sported a VISOR for the first time.


I liked how it kept the sun out of my eyes and I didn’t feel like I was squinting the entire time I ran..

However, upon returning home, I realized I was in such a frenzy about the visor.. I completely forgot to wash off my make-up. Hello Raccoon Eyes! Woops 🙂 !

Final Stats:

4 Miles! 8:20 Average Pace

  • Mile 1: 8:21
  • Mile 2: 8:19
  • Mile 3: 8:24
  • Mile 4: 8:15
Pretty happy with those splits.. while they may not be negative splits.. they are hovering all right around the same place.. showing consistency.  I have been getting so much better at NOT staring at my Garmin the entire race.. and just running at a pace that feels good!
On the menu for tonight.. WRAPS! Something easy.. and that doesn’t require much in the kitchen work.. because it is toasty in here.  We are trying to not use the A/C unless completely necessary.
So – tell me – if you are a big kid with a big kid job.. do you remember when you first heard you were hired?!  I’d love to here your story!

Do you have a favorite flavor Jelly Belly? Mine is espresso.. LOVE.

Thirsty Thursday

Ooooh yeah. It’s thirsty Thursday baby.  Just got outta work.. hit up the gym for a nice sweat sesh.. and it is time to quench the thirst.



Yes, I am quite spontanuous and adventurous these days.  Drinks.. on a work night. Yeah. I am going to have give a big old PASS to that one. Unfortunately, a Friday morning headache and an extra fatigued body and mind.. certainly does not mix well with a classroom full of 8 year olds… who talk.. constantly..

So, I am going to kick back.. and crack open a can.. er.. bottle.. Um.. sip water out of a straw, thank you very much!

But WAIT.. I have some super excitng news. CHECK THIS OUT!

Mmmmhmmm. Those are tons of little coupons in my “Caught Ya!” jar. Perhaps students are trying to be nice to win a coupon.. but who cares?! They are STILL being nice. Hopefully.. they will realize that it isn’t so bad to be a good friend! 🙂

Anywho – Thursday, Thursday.. what a lovely day you are. Just one day away from Friday.. an even better day. Just two days way from the weekend.. the two BEST days of the week.

I must take you back to Wednesday though – because I attended a PHENOMINAL Body Works class. There was a sub.. so it was new. And I L O V E D it… (with a capital L-O-V-E-D!!!)

It was different then any of the other body works classes I have attened.. and more my style. Not a lot of breaks.. constant on the go.  The best part was the way in which the instructor planned the exercises. They were done to the songs. During the verses, there would be slow counts on lifting (up 2 , down 2, or 3.. or 4, super slow).. then during the chourses, there single counts. FAST.

Same move. WHOLE song. SORE Cait today 🙂

Today.. has been a mix mash of events.. some things.. well, just not quite right…

I can’t find my stickers, so I have been handing out THESE babies..

What? Halloween is COOl year round.  Haven’t you heard? It is the cool thing to do!

No one is complaining. I’ve got kids sportin’ pumpkins and candy corn with PRIDE! Thumbs up to Halloween!

Another big old thumbs up to the finals countdown:

16 full days of school. 4 half days. (Let’s pretend I haven’t been coutning down since 50.. okay? COOL BEANS.)

I am really counting down to my trip.. because I leave on the same day we get out of school. San Francisco lovin’! I am thankful for all of your suggetions.. and will probably have tons more questions as trip nears.

After my muscle rockin work out yesterday, I was TOTALLY all about cardio today at the gym.. and had an itch to run.  It has been POURING for what seems like years here in CT. But this afternoon, something miraculous and unscheduled happened.

Um. Yes.

It stopped raining. And the sun came out. I checked the weather.. no rain insight until 7pm. You know what that meant.. I was hittin’ the pavement! Wahoo!

It felt great to be outdoors. And since my garmin was dead..(had no plans on running outside, so I didn’t charge it…) I was running without pace attached to my left wrist (though I did wear my polar hrm).  Now – it wasn’t sunny during my run, infact it got kind of dark and scary towards the end.. but I ran for 50 minutes and walked for another 10..without getting wet at all!

Of course, I wanted to know my final distance, so I plugged it in to Mapmyrun when I got home..and this is what I got:

Total Miles: 5.91

Total Time: 50:00

Average Pace: 8:24

Not to shabby. I enjoyed rockin my run without the Garmin too!

How do you feel about running Garmin free (if you have one)?

Had any fantastic new work outs lately? If so, please share 🙂