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Lesson Learned…

Good morning!!  I am feeling kind of BLAH this morning.. and have been feeling this way since yesterday.

I know exactly why too.  And I have learned a MAJOR lesson.  As you know – after long runs, I tend to have a stomach that does not really want good.  So – yesterday I had a banana and PB before my run .. and then could not stomach my oats once I got home.

Well, stomach.. you aren’t really going to be able to make decisions like that anymore.. because not eating my breakfast when I got home REALLY messed up my day – my energy levels.. etc.

Running long distances takes a lot of energy – a lot of fuel.  So it only makes logical sense, that one should refuel once the run is completed.. within a short amount of time after the run is complete.. even if your tummy tells you NO.

Since I listened to my stomach.. I didn’t eat breakfast until 11:30am.. meaning I didn’t eat lunch until 3:30 pm.. meaning my meals were just WAY off!  I felt okay.. until we were on the way to see Hangover 2 last night ( more on that shortly).. and I seriously just wanted sleep. I had eaten my “lunch” and a few snacks .. and knew I needed more.. but I was just feeling so awful.  I am fairly certain that this is a result of improper post run fueling.

When we returned home last night at about 10:00 – I had a headache, my body felt exhausted… and it just was NOT cool.  I slept straight through the night.. and am still not feeling quite normal.

Rest day today?! YOU KNOW IT!

So – since I am building up my miles – I have learned a valuable lesson about fueling and refueling.. and I can guarantee you I will NEVER make that mistake again…


Rewinding to yesterday.. funny, but scary story. On the way up from the pool, Justin and I saw some fire engines, police cars.. crowds of people.. huddling around the building across from ours.  We walked over the take a look and saw..

Mm. Yeah. That car.. was into the building. Jumped the curb, through the bushes.. BAM… into the building.

Fortunately, the woman who was driving only broke her nose and she is going to be okay.  We are assuming she his the gas instead of the break.. had the car in drive instead of reverse.. who knows?

I am quite used to having cars hit buildings.  In the town where I grew up, there is a large elderly community and having cars go into Dunkin Donuts, Food Stands, Conviennce Stores, Banks.. was not irregularity. It is super scary through, when you think about it.  There have been instances where a person ended up being hit… and their lives changed forever.

Now – I have no quarrels with the elderly driving – as long as they are still with it – but I do kind of agree with implementing some sort of testing for drivers over a certain age.  The driving abilities of a person in their 30s or 40s.. probably differs GREATLY than those of someone in their 80s or 90s..

After watching the fire department pull the car out of the bushes.. I had my late lunch:

Turkey Sandwich, Cucumber Slices, & Cottage cheese with apples and peanut butter..

And Justin and I eventually left for the movies..


The movie was definitely funny.. had the same storyline as the original Hangover. but to my surprise, I stayed up through the entire thing and was laughing the whole way through.  It didn’t seem too long.. or dragged out.  Which I loved. I often find myself waiting for movies to end..

Onto the BEST part of the night. Mmhmm.. Thats right, my FIRST ever trip to PINKBERRY!

I think I am in love.  I decided to go with original fro yo – (I plan on being a frequent customer.. so I will be sure to try out everything else!)  Laura suggested giving watermelon a whirl.. and I love next time I am totally on that.  For tonight,I was in the mood for a classic combo.

My toppings were blueberries, strawberries, and dark chocolate crispy things! Justin had original.. just with chocolate chips. LOTS of chocolate chips!

It was packed… even though the temps were a little low.  The store itself was smaller then I expected.. having only 4 small tables, but Justin and I were able to grab one and enjoy.

Pinkberry, I am SO glad I have met you. We are going to get along VERY well this summer (especially since you are on my way home from work..)

Today, I’ve had my oat bran – – with strawberries and PB …

And Justin and I are off to the store in a little bit.  And for the rest of the day.. well, I am doing NOTHING. Probably some blog prep.. some sleeping.. trying to get back to being myself again.

Sorry bootcamp – you just aren’t happening today!


For the Love of the Run

We have yet another GORGEOUS.. sunny day with low humidty here  in CT… I am actually blogging while sitting at the POOL right now.

Mmmhmmm! That is right. The wireless signal from our apartment stretches ALL they way down to the pool.. full strength too.  This could be bad.  Right now.. both Justin and I are sitting here with our computers.

I feel like people think we are kind of odd.  MAYBE they think we are students.. working towards our PHDs.. HAHAH!  I think they fact that I keep snapping photos probably makes them think otherwise.

I awoke this morning feeling FAR from stellar.. and even debated whether or not I was really feeling a run this morning. Justin left for his run .. before me.. which is rare.  but finally, I got my shit together and set out to do maybe 5 miles at around 8am.. this too is late for me.

But after about 3 miles.. I was like wow.. I am feeling GREAT now. I was more awake… had a little hop in my step.. wasn’t tired AT ALL.. so .. I decided I would see where the rest of the run led me.

Mile 5 – gone.

Mile 6 – gone

Mile 7 – Gone.

Mile 8 – Gone.

I ran 9 freakin’ miles this morning. NINE! Second weekend in a row that I’ve set a PDR.  I felt fabulous the entire time!

Um. I also FINALLy loaded the garmin software.. and played around with it a tiny bit.. but certainly do not know the full potential yet.

I maintained an 8:29 average pace for the whole distance.. but did some intervals during mile 4 and mile 7 – which definitly kept my overall pace under 8:30.  We’ve got a lot of telephone poles on this route.. so I would pick up the pace til I got to a pole.. then slow it down until I got to the next one… and carried that on for 1/2 – 3/4 of a mile.  It is kind of cool to look at how my speed changed throughout the run too:

Not sure what this means about my run.. but its pretty!

So – today – I definitely found that I have a true love for runnig. Getting out.. and letting my legs just do their thing…can truly turn my day around.  I was tired.. I was moody.. I just wasn’t me. But I got out there .. for the love of the run.. and came back knowing just how much I love running!

Once again.. after the run, I had a stomach of BRICKS.. but wanted to get our errands run immediately. So.. without eating (and maybe without showering.. TMI).. we hopped in the car and headed to Home Depot.

We spoke to a specialist in the window department and have a better idea of what we need to do.

Then.. we headed to Home Goods to by some new towels..

And made our final stop at the place everybody loves to go.. TRADER JOES!

Picked up a few goodies (maybe.. just maybe.. for the BAKE SALE on MONDAY).. and Justin picked up his lunch after I told him I had to eat breakfast when we got home…

Which is exactly what I did:

Before my run, I cooked 1/2 c. oat bran with 2 and 1/4 cups water, 1/2 a sliced banana, spash of vanilla, and some Sunwarrior.  I let it cool in the fridge, topping it with frozen blueberries.. and added a bit of PB when I returned home.


Then – I did something TRUELY amazing.  I am sure you guys have been reading about Katie’s AMAZING BLONDIES.. using the ever so interesting ingredients of CHICKPEAS… and I have been dying to give these a whirl.  Well.. look what I just so happened to pick up today…

It was GO time.  I made a few changes – and added some dried cherries rather then chocolate chips.. and honestly.. I am lucky that the batter even made it into the oven.  It was INSANELY good.  I made them into circles.. rather than your average square blondie… but I don’t discriminate against shape.

I want to include a batch of these in my bake sale as well.. but want to get an okay from the girl who made these famous.. first 🙂

Justin and I are having a little date night tonight.. and I am super excited for how we will be ending the evening!!

Seeing Hangover 2 …

And experiencing PINKBERRY for the first time.

Um, clearly, I am way more excited for the latter part!!

What are your plans for the rest of the evening?  I’d love the know all the FUN you will be up to.  Have you had pinkberry?  What should I get ?!?!?!

Going that EXTRA Mile!

Good afternoon, dear friends! Well.. almost evening. Holy moly. WHERE did this day go?! I hope you are enjoying your Saturday so far! I know that I sure am.

It started out BRIGHT and early.. a 5:30 am wake up call on a Saturday morning. Now, I am certainly an early riser..but not 5:30 on a weekend.

Today though – I had some business to take care of!

The Walk/Run was this morning. And clearly, I was the individual on the committee that was nominated to be the volunteer on site at 6:30am. (Because… 1. I am a ROOKIE, 2. Everyone knows my sleeping habits since they see posts from me on FB in the weeeee hours of the morning).

So – Justin and I were up and at em!  Surprsinginly.. upon arriving to the site of the race, the sun was shining and it was a comfortable temperature.

We got the registration tables ready, helped to mark out the course, and drew the starting line and the finish line.

Justin the Champ (Shadow Form)

Then I had some breakfast – still 3 hours before race time.  You don’t think I skipped my oats, do you?

Silly! Of course I didn’t! I brought them with me! 🙂

Extra Cinnamon on Top!

Then. It got cloudy. Foggy. Breezy. Cold. I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather – so I most certainly escaped to the car a couple of times to warm up!

It was odd trying to capture pictures without looking weird…since my blog is not a known facet of my personality at work. I don’t know. I just am NOT ready for that. Who knows if I every will be!

(Btw – the picture on the shirt was drawn by one of our 4th graders! Amazing!) I hate running in t-shirts… especially the ones handed out at the race.. but this is certainly an exception!

We had about 300 participants. It was pretty inspiring to see a great family event. So many students with parents – teachers with their families – and supporters of our school in general!

While the race was supposed to be 2.0 miles – it actually only ended up being 1.87. How do I know this.. well because I wore my Garmin!  *I felt really silly wearing my Garmin.. but did it anyway. EVERYONE was like.. what is that hunk of equipment on your wrist!?

So – I ended up being the first female finisher with a total time of 13:09.  I was 2nd overall! 🙂  I know it was only a two mile race..but am still pretty happy with it! It averaged out to a 7:03/mile pace.

The best part of finishing so quick..was that I got to CHEER for everyone else as they crossed the finish line.. including Justin – who was the 3rd male finisher.. and 5th overall! 🙂 GO BABE!

My favorite part of the day was seeing to sense of accomplishment written across every student’s face as the ran, jogged, or walked across the finish line!  I was more then happy to be the girl standing right there with my arms wide open to give each of them a huge hug and a cheesy medal!

We had a little awards ceremony.

Hey Trophy!

Families enjoyed some lunches, while the kids played some field games..

And there was even a child identification tent set up for the families to take advantage of!

It was definitely a very successful event and I am so happy that I was lucky enough to be involved! I am proud of every student and parent who made the effort to participate!

Afterwards, Justin was a hungry man, so we stopped at Panera for lunch.

I had 1/2 a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with lettuce, tomato, onion and mustard, as well as a classic salad with balsamic viniegarette.

I also hit up Whole Foods next door. I don’t buy TOO much there because I would be broke if I did. I mainly go there to get bulk oats. This time, I picked up bulk Oat Bran too – because I watched Carrie’s video on how she makes her oats. She uses oat bran and I decided to give a go.

I also picked up one of these.

I have tried Kombucha in the past.. but got orignal flavor.. and could barely stomach it. This however – tastes much better.

I only had a little bit because I have read it is something you must slowly accustom your body to!

Justin and I then headed out for a walk.. because as soon as we got home.. the SUN miraculously appeared again.  We walked for 80 minutes – and covered almost 4 miles. It was beautiful! We loved being able to soak up the sun and enjoy nature.. and each other’s company. All at the same time!

Check out these massive mushrooms we saw!

And I of course cannot go without taking pictures of beautiful flowers!

After getting home, I snacked and began reporting to you!

Vanilla Yogurt, 1/2 Banana, PB, Cinn

Tell me: Do your co-workers know of your blog? If so – how did you introduce them to it?!

Enjoy your last few hours before “Rapture”. 🙂 I will probably be at Walmart when it strikes. We are looking for a little bistro set for our baby deck. I didn’t realize until earlier today – this this is the day were all of the “good” people will be taken .. while the sinners will stay on earth until December.

If this “Rapture” were true.. would you be on your way today.. or chillin on earth until December?