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Back To Life..Back to Reality

I am kind of back to reality.

By reality.. I  mean home. Because summer is not really reality for a teacher I suppose.


By reality.. I mean cooking my own breakfast…

Oh yes.  You see that properly. I did not have oats this morning. I had oats every morning on vacation.. and was not feeling a hot bowl of oats today.  Instead, I had some egg whites, spinach, broccoli, and salsa.  This delicious egg connection was accompanied by Kiwi and Ezekiel Bread with Cranberry Apple Butter.


By reality .. I mean getting back to the gym.

After hanging around waiting for a phone call until about noon, I was finally off to the gym. I was so excited to have all of the equipment that I desired at my fingertips.

Todays cardio workout looked like this:

In 32 minutes, I covered 4.12 miles. I pushed it really hard at the end and felt amazing.

Then, it was time to hit the weights.  I did 2 sets of each of these exercises

  • Around the world lunges (with curls, presses and tris)
  • Sumo Squats with curls
  • Over the Head Russian Twists (Standing)
  • Firemen Squats
  • Side Bends/Windmills
  • Flys on Bench
  • Chest Press
  • 25’s (ab crunches with weights on stomach)
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Plank (60 seconds)
What a great burn! I was feeling more then great when I walked out of the gym. Felt great to be back!

By reality, I mean no more sunny skies.. humidity free 70 degree days.

California weather was amazing.

Connecticut weather.. is not.

It has been raining all day. At times.. torrential down pours.  It began pouring while I was at the gym. I was wearing a white tank top.

After sprinting to the car, my tank top was no longer white.. but rather see-through. Good thing I was wearing a bright yellow sports bra.


By reality, I mean a trip to the grocery store in said pouring rain.

When you return from vacation… well.. there is no food in the house (Not much worth eating, anyway).  All of our perishable items that had the possibility of stinking up the fridge while we were gone were tossed.

No fresh fruits. No fresh veggies. Nothing for lunch.

Despite my state of wetness, I sat in the parking lot at the gym for a good 10 minutes debating in my head whether I should go home and put a dry (not white) shirt on.  I eventually decided to go to the store. (Who wants to go back home.. then back out.. when they are already out. Sorry. I am too lazy for that).

I went to my favorite store:

And came home with some bananas, carrots, apples, egg white salad, more ezekiel bread, peanut butter, apple sauce.. and my favorite snack bar.. PURE BARS!


These bars are really one of my FAVORITE snacks.  Trader Joes sells the chocolate brownie and the cherry cashew.. and these are so tasty. I could probably eat them every day if I wanted!


By reality, I mean eating my all time favorite lunch..prepared by me..not by someone else!


As you know, I’ve been eating out quite often. But being home, means making my own breakfast, lunch and dinner again!  This makes a happy Cait!

Today’s lunch was a usual lunch consumed at home:

Turkey, Apples, Mozzerlla, Mustard on Ezekial, 1/2 Banana with PB, Other 1/2 of apple, and some carrots (with extra PB).

HIT THE SPOT!  I missed this lunch while I was away.


 By reality, I mean massive loads of laundry.. washing, folding, the whole 9 yards.

This.. is just my laundry from the trip. I washed everything. Even if it wasn’t worn. (Especially since it was all soaked at some point).

I am not ignoring Justin – but he was a trooper and actually went to WORK today – and didn’t do anything with his suitcase. Some of his shirts go to the cleaners.. so I will let him tell me what needs to be washed.

I decided to throw ALL of the unfolded laundry on the bed – so I have to fold it before going to bed.

When Justin came home from work.. exhausted and feeling sick.. he moved the clothes to my dresser to take a nap.  I asked if it could occupy a small corner of the bed .. so I could follower through with my plan.

He let me because he is such a great guy! Woke up, I folded. And MADE myself put it away too – or else it would have just sat there.. perhaps for the next month.

By reality.. I mean lots of mail.. with lots of goodies!

Justin and I forgot to put a stop on our mail. WOOPS.

But thats okay.. because we were able to see everything that came while we were gone at 3AM instead of having to go to the post office to pick it up!!

In the mail – was this beautiful necklace from LISA @ Fishyface Design.

This is the necklace that was up for grabs during the Baking for Boobies sale.. that Justin donated to win!


I also received these yummy probiotic bars from Annelies at Attune Foods.  I am going to eat one every day for 2 weeks – in hopes of helping out some digestive issues that I have been battling for quite some time now!

I will be giving a full review of the product once I finish them – and will also explain a little more about my ongoing battle with my stomach!


I also want to give a special shout out and a HUGE thank you to Lisa @ Healthy Diaries, Lisa @ Healthful Sense, Laura @ Sprint to the Table,  Char @ Char on a Mission, and Vivianne @ Greek Yogurt  for their AWESOME guest posts! I know I sure loved reading them all – and I know that you can all agree with me! Very fortuante to have such lovely blog friends to help me out while I am traveling 🙂


SO – How do you snap back to reality after being away?! I guess I do it in a pretty boring way 🙂

** Hope you checked out my recap of Muir Woods/Wine Country ... will be posting more tomorrow afternoon .. after my FOODIE FRIDAY post in the morning…**


Inclines ‘n Thunderstorms

I am so taken back – and overwhelmed by your comments and responses to this morning’s post on Negativity and Criticism.  It is pretty clear that a majority of bloggers are on the same page – we have a deep sense of community and truly care about our fellow bloggers.

Your comments blew me away.  I felt a connection with each and every one of you – and I really want to thank you for the well thought out and meaningful comments.. they meant a lot to me.

If you get a chance – I suggest you read some of the comments that were left 🙂

Today’s weather has been pretty wacky and a little bit scary at times.  This moring – it was hot, sticky and humid.  The heat index was close to (if not over) 100 in many parts of the state.  It was bright and sunny on my way to work.

I wore my glasses today – but obvi needed sunglasses.

No problem.. I just double up.

(From straight on.. you so can’t tell 🙂 ) Admit it.. you didn’t even know I was wearing glasses.. AND sunglasses in the first picture! So slick.

Fortunately for me, I was in the AC all day.  Since my kids had a half day, I was able to get more things checked off of my end of year to-do list..

But when I got home from the gym, the sky started to turn black.

It seriously looked like it was about 9pm outside.. yet it was only 6:00.  A normally bright a sunny sky for this time of year.

I switched on the news to see some crazy radar pictures..

Um. Black is never good.

And before long.. the thunder, lightning, and pouring rain had made its way to my area of the state.

Some areas of the state were hit REAL hard – down trees on houses, cars.. Boaters getting stuck out at sea ( and by sea, I mean the Long Island Sound); golf-ball size hail. I heard siren after siren speeding by one of the main drags near my condo.  We’ve got a few trees down around us as well.  I tried to sneak out to the balcony mid-storm to get a good pictures, but as soon as I opened the door.. the wind blew the rain all over me.. and I shut the door quicker than I had opened it.

It seriously like 30 degress cooler outside now.  So that is a welcome change. But I do hope that no one was injured in the storm – and that property was not too heavily damaged.

I was a bad blogger today. AKA… I left my camera at home.  So – not too many pictures. BUT – I did snap a shot of my lunch last night.. and I can of course bring you my dinner:

Today’s Eats


Ice-berg lettuce (my least fave, but it is all we had); quinoa, zucchini, green peppers, onions, apple slices & a crumbled salmon burger


Since the apple cranberry butter seemed super popular.. I brought it back tonight for ya (or I just love it that much)  Creating a delicious wrap and a size of veggies 🙂

Horrible Pictures.. I know.

La Tortilla Wrap with chicken, Apple Cranberry Butter; Mozzarella cheese, lettuce & onion.. I planned on heating it on my George Foreman. Georgie is SO good.. for EVERYTHING.  But – my wrap was the small size – and I over-stuffed it.. so I kind of ate it more like a taco.. and it was just as delicious cold.

Although I have not had it yet, I already know I am going to have one of my popcorn, chocolate, and cinnamon creations for dessert!

Today’s Workout

I had an internal conversation battle my entire ride from work to the gym – as to what I was going to do.

  • Kickboxing class? Ehh not feeling it.
  • Circuit training? Ehh.. I’ve lifted 2 days in a row and my muscles are fatigued
  • Steady State Cardio on the Elliptical? Maybe.
  • Use a spinning bike and make up some sort of mix?  Maybe. Wait. I despise spinning. Nevermind.

Then, I remember how much I’ve been digging Julie’s Incline Intervals – and today she did an awesome one that incorporated running as well.  I settled on 15 minutes on the treadmill. And I broke it down into 3 15 minutes pieces – basically each is a repay of the one before – but using slightly different inclines.  Here is a look at what I did:


Loved this work out. I felt great after.. and surely felt the burn in buns and my hamstrings.  In the 45 minutes, I covered about 4.7 miles. Pretty sweet.

It was a great change-up. I normally don’t walk on the treadmill, but incorporating the incline felt awesome!

No lifting today – took the day off. I stretched for a good ten minutes though!!

And as for my bake sale.. well.. you all helped me to raise $265!!

I am very happy to have helped my team get a little bit closer to their goal.. absolutely fabulous! Thanks to those who donated their goodies.. and those who donated their moola! 🙂

And a special shout out to this guy:

Who could not stand to see any of the donated goods go to waste.

That is right.. the four leftover goodies… that had no home.. were rescued by Justin.. because they were just TOO delicious (and beautiful.. ) to go to waste.

So, we will be the new home to Kathleen’s Chocolate Covered Pretzel’s, Alexis’ Pumpkin Bread in a Jar, and the AMAZING Fishy Face Design necklace courtesy of Lisa.

Isn’t he super special?!

For the Love of the Run

We have yet another GORGEOUS.. sunny day with low humidty here  in CT… I am actually blogging while sitting at the POOL right now.

Mmmhmmm! That is right. The wireless signal from our apartment stretches ALL they way down to the pool.. full strength too.  This could be bad.  Right now.. both Justin and I are sitting here with our computers.

I feel like people think we are kind of odd.  MAYBE they think we are students.. working towards our PHDs.. HAHAH!  I think they fact that I keep snapping photos probably makes them think otherwise.

I awoke this morning feeling FAR from stellar.. and even debated whether or not I was really feeling a run this morning. Justin left for his run .. before me.. which is rare.  but finally, I got my shit together and set out to do maybe 5 miles at around 8am.. this too is late for me.

But after about 3 miles.. I was like wow.. I am feeling GREAT now. I was more awake… had a little hop in my step.. wasn’t tired AT ALL.. so .. I decided I would see where the rest of the run led me.

Mile 5 – gone.

Mile 6 – gone

Mile 7 – Gone.

Mile 8 – Gone.

I ran 9 freakin’ miles this morning. NINE! Second weekend in a row that I’ve set a PDR.  I felt fabulous the entire time!

Um. I also FINALLy loaded the garmin software.. and played around with it a tiny bit.. but certainly do not know the full potential yet.

I maintained an 8:29 average pace for the whole distance.. but did some intervals during mile 4 and mile 7 – which definitly kept my overall pace under 8:30.  We’ve got a lot of telephone poles on this route.. so I would pick up the pace til I got to a pole.. then slow it down until I got to the next one… and carried that on for 1/2 – 3/4 of a mile.  It is kind of cool to look at how my speed changed throughout the run too:

Not sure what this means about my run.. but its pretty!

So – today – I definitely found that I have a true love for runnig. Getting out.. and letting my legs just do their thing…can truly turn my day around.  I was tired.. I was moody.. I just wasn’t me. But I got out there .. for the love of the run.. and came back knowing just how much I love running!

Once again.. after the run, I had a stomach of BRICKS.. but wanted to get our errands run immediately. So.. without eating (and maybe without showering.. TMI).. we hopped in the car and headed to Home Depot.

We spoke to a specialist in the window department and have a better idea of what we need to do.

Then.. we headed to Home Goods to by some new towels..

And made our final stop at the place everybody loves to go.. TRADER JOES!

Picked up a few goodies (maybe.. just maybe.. for the BAKE SALE on MONDAY).. and Justin picked up his lunch after I told him I had to eat breakfast when we got home…

Which is exactly what I did:

Before my run, I cooked 1/2 c. oat bran with 2 and 1/4 cups water, 1/2 a sliced banana, spash of vanilla, and some Sunwarrior.  I let it cool in the fridge, topping it with frozen blueberries.. and added a bit of PB when I returned home.


Then – I did something TRUELY amazing.  I am sure you guys have been reading about Katie’s AMAZING BLONDIES.. using the ever so interesting ingredients of CHICKPEAS… and I have been dying to give these a whirl.  Well.. look what I just so happened to pick up today…

It was GO time.  I made a few changes – and added some dried cherries rather then chocolate chips.. and honestly.. I am lucky that the batter even made it into the oven.  It was INSANELY good.  I made them into circles.. rather than your average square blondie… but I don’t discriminate against shape.

I want to include a batch of these in my bake sale as well.. but want to get an okay from the girl who made these famous.. first 🙂

Justin and I are having a little date night tonight.. and I am super excited for how we will be ending the evening!!

Seeing Hangover 2 …

And experiencing PINKBERRY for the first time.

Um, clearly, I am way more excited for the latter part!!

What are your plans for the rest of the evening?  I’d love the know all the FUN you will be up to.  Have you had pinkberry?  What should I get ?!?!?!